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That time a prospect got you out of your nerves

Because we are all human beings , sometime it can be difficult (impossible) to stay professional.

You can share here that time you got angry, I'll post mine in comments

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Digital Sales Manager
Back when I was a "Consultant" in my company, (I was selling a Sales Automation tool to SMB companies) I had this prospect who was an old CEO of a small factory over the phone.ย 

After my mail this person accepted to have a meeting with me. The tone of his voice was aggressive since the beginning of the conversation.ย 

He was bragging about his experience, in other words he was insinuating that I was just a little noob speaking of stuff I didn't know.ย 
I pointed out that his sales strategy was weak because, man, it's my job to sell him my stuff.ย 
He did not hung up, and took the time to get on a 5 minutes speech.ย 

I waited till he was over to say : "I am not here to solve the ego problems of mid-sized companies CEOs" then hung up.ย 

- if you want a way more childish story. It was my first month as junior. A prospect insulted me and I felt really really bad.ย 
So I opened my Sales Automation tool an sent him over 500 blank emails. It was not my best idea.
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