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The Best Way To Give/Receive Feedback

I made this a discussion and not a question because humans are different and while some people might thrive in a hyper-competitive environment where feedback is harsh and straight to the point others might need constructive feedback so they don't feel attacked. Curious as to what sales savages consider best practices for coaching or being coached up in a sales position?

I've left my job because I didn't like the way upper management gave feedback
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CEO - Overheard_Sales
I think the feedback needs to reflect the person. some people want to be yelled at to make themselves better, others need more coddling, neither is wrong as long as it makes the person better
BDR Manager
This is it. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all.ย 
Account Manager / FSR
Agreed. A good manager can adapt to his/her employees. Your employee will better receive your feedback if you give it in a way that they are most receptive to.ย 
Chief Revenue Officer
I've found that most humans don't like negative feedback no matter how its delivered.ย  In order to do it effectively, there needs to be a history of a few things 1) Trust in the abilities of the person giving the feedback 2) transparency in previous dealings with the person giving feedback -- if the person receiving the feedback doesn't trust you know what you are doing, or that you aren't feeding them a line of shit, then your ice skating up hill on feedback delivery.ย 
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
Love that metahpor
BDR Manager
As a manager/leader- you need to invest time into your reps and understand them. Ask and listen: some want direct feedback, some need softening statements, some need a solution to the problem.ย 

Receiving feedback, try your damnest to be open. Ask for clarification if its not landing, and have trust in your leaders.ย 
Valued Contributor
SDR Manager
Just don't use Radical Candor - AKA Corporate Manipulation, and if someone tries to radically candorize you - recognize it and don't fall into the trap.

Best Practice for feedback, sellย  it.ย  Ask if they would be opposed to hearing some feedback on what could make something better.

Never start a phrase with, I'm going to challenge you for a moment.

Good Citizen
Sales Executive Mid-Market
Love this topic. In my experience with poor leaders and great leaders I think this has to be treated like a win/win situation for both giver and receiver. ย The manager who supported me to my best year to date treated me like an equal. While I was looking for feedback on deal strategy, process and velocity drivers- he was looking for feedback on ways to improve team culture, trainings, spiffs, leadership faults.ย 

Not only were we comfortable giving/receiving direct, harsh feedback - it was easy to be candid because it felt like both parties genuinely valued the perspective of the other. I think the blow of harsh direct feedback can be lightened based on how the relationship is framed. ย We worked closely together to take me from a pip to number 1 out of 60 AE's.ย 
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