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Things I wish I knew BEFORE entering Corporate America.

1.)   “Human Resources” exists for the purpose of limiting the company’s legal liability. Therefore, everything you say or write to them can (and most likely will) be used against you if there is any future employment dispute. 

2.)   In EVERY organization there are A players, B players, and C players. The A’s are who you want to follow/listen to. The B’s are intimidated by the A’s and will do whatever they can to bring them down to their level, and C’s aren't worth engaging with because they all have 1 foot out of the door but they are CERTAINLY more trustworthy than B's.

3.)   The promotion you are most likely to get is the one that you aren’t looking for or talking about to anyone. 

What else have I missed?

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lol point 1. So true. the BS they feed you on day 1 'we're hear to help'... to quote admiral akhbar 'its a trap'
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HR is for management. Trust no one.
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Haha Solid list. I do disagree with #3. Mainly because I've had Many promotions over the years for a few reasons.  

Main one is letting my boss and his or her boss know I want to move up to position X and want to do everything in my power to help them be as successful as possible. 

Once they see me making them look good, I than move into phase 2 which is asking them to teach me the next position. I:E what can I take off your plate that will prepare me for the next step?

Closed mouths don't get fed, so speak up about promotions. Your equals will even fight for you if you have good rapport. People love to follow a leader;)
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Great point, thanks for the advice
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Being Liked is as important as being good. Empathy and intercompany relationships are critical, you could be the best sales leader or closer in the company but if you are a D%^K then you will ultimately fail and your career will stall. My advice to incoming personnel is to value your resources and relationships more than any single deal.
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