♥️ this quick tip on proposals to help close more deals and speed up sales cycles by KD

Kevin "KD" Dorsey
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Quick Tip on Proposals to help close more deals and speed up sales cycles.

Your proposal isn’t for who you DID meet with.

It’s for who you DIDNT.

You have to remember this.

This why your follow up deck and proposal has to have the following.

- The problem - What problem did you all agree was present? There is a strong chance that the other people getting involved won’t understand that.

- The Impact - What is that problem causing NOW. What will that problem cause if left unchanged for the next 3,6,12 months!

- FAQ’s - You know that other orgs/dep are going to have questions, don’t hang your Champion/Mobilizer out to dry. Included FAQ’s by dept if possible (legal, finance, etc)

- Better Future - What happens when they change and use you, paint the better future specific to them!

Bonus Tip #1 - Review the proposal WITH your champion before sending. Involve them in the build.

Bonus Tip #2 - Use video to walk through the proposal!

Most proposals only discuss the product, or even worse, just the price.

Add the above into your follow up and proposals and you’ll watch your deal cycles shrink and close rates go up.

Or not. Who knows.

Maybe it won’t work at all. Maybe sending over just the price is all you need to do.

Only one way to find out…
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This is gold! Thanks for sharing!

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