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Thoughts on Airpod / Prospect Giveaways

Being in the SaaS / Cyber Security industry, most the of partners I work with constantly advertise giving away AirPods, Uber Eats gift cards, Sonos, etc. for a prospect attending either a demo or first call. From my experience most of the lower level prospects in an organization jump all over it, while director level and above could care less. Do you think this takes away credibility / makes you seem desperate or is it worth the at bat??

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So, our SDR team does this. And I hate it. While it does incentivize people to show up, I have yet to have a single meeting sourced from it turn into a deal. 99% of the time they are just some random person who has no idea what we do who just wants the free stuff.ย 

I think it is something marketing resorted to when pipeline was shitty rather than training the SDRs to be better.ย 

My best SDR rarely relies on it - only uses it when someone has been ghosting us for a while.
Even through directors and above act like could care less, they still like getting free stuff they can regift.ย 
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If it gets someone to listen to your demo or product, worth it
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I'm not in SaaS, but I find it incredibly odd that many companies offer gifts to prospects for taking meetings.ย 

I can see it being an issue for the reasons you already outlined (people just taking the meeting for free stuff,) and to me, it also diminishes the value that we're offering the prospect (information on a product that can help them and their business.) It almost seems like you're saying that your product/service isn't exciting or useful enough on it's own, so here's a bribe!

I dunno, excited to see what people in SaaS say about this.
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I agree that it probably doesn't pay off like people expect it to. We are moving to try and tie it to something more substatial (ex. Schedule time for a ROI analysis to enter in the drawing). Still not sold on if that is going to show any more impact compared to just throwing it out there.

That being said, I like Airpods as a item because everyone's kids are asking for them, but they are pricey so your gift is now interesting to people that would want Airpods and then people with kids that want airpods.
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