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Thoughts on Gartner's B2B Sales Ebook

Hey War Room!

I follow the Gartner studies pretty closely when I can get access. Have anyone dived into this Gartner Ebook on the future of selling B2B?

FYI - it is publically available on their site. Just go digging.

I would love to hear what others think.

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Gartner research also shows that the average buyer is ~65% of the way through the decision making process before your first demo. That’s in part due to a more educated buyer as well as an over abundance of information already available. It appears the 4 key takeaways in this study allows sales orgs to adapt to a new and more sophisticated buyer.
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When I go shopping, I've pretty much already made up my mind, and sometimes the demos actually talk me out of buying. "Letting the prospect talk" is a real thing and the best AEs tend to not talk too much.
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Prosecutors love to ask the right questions to β€œlead the witness”. The same can be applied to sales.
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