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Tips for getting out of a rut?

The last few quarters have been going really well in my full cycle, outbound AE role. I've been creating a ton of cold opps and closing consistently.Β 

I really slowed down in August, and I can't seem to book meetings to save my life. While I've been closing this month, I worry about my pipeline down the road. I feel like I haven't changed anything in my process, but it looks like I need to start doing something differently. When you're in a sales rut, how do you get out of the bad headspace and push through? Any tips specifically for booking more meetings?Β 
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Sales Savages, what is our profession? Trauma!
First off - take some time off. If you have the leave take a full week otherwise take a long weekend. Could just be burnout.Β 

Secondly, think about why you're in sales, what drives you?

I typically go through the two above.Β 
VP of Sales
Massive action. . I just came through it. In the beginning of august I was in the highest performance mode of my life. Kicking ass left right and center. . Switched jobs and just felt so β€œout of it” - like I’d forgotten how to do this sales thing. Spent times 3-5x a day reminding myself I’m good at this stuff. . Fortunately for me, I’ve been through this 20x over my career so I knew what the issue was. I was thrown in the deep end in the new role and felt so clueless, so I was β€œeasing myself in” and letting myself have time to worry. . Put your head down, pick up the phone and practice your craft like a maniac. You’ll finish a week with a FAT stack of meetings and remember you have nothing to worry about.
One of the hardest parts of the job for sure. For me it's about consistency - if you've been doing everything the same for a few quarters and been killing it, I don't think you need to reinvent the wheel.

Might be worth just keeping up with what you are doing and adding a little more on the prospecting when you have time (ie more personalized emails for individuals at top targets)

Hope it helps
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Director of Sales
Oh this is so true. My top rep was killing it all of H1.July and august have been very tough and he’s feeling so low and his go to was to change his approach. Unfortunately in Canada we get winter and July/august so everyone is out getting as much out of our summer as they can. Especially as everything was locked down, the want to get out and play is ten fold. We just need to ride the wave and keep pushing where we can. It’s a mind f8ck sometimes in sales.Β 
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Sales Representative
1. Make sure that YOU are in a healthy place mentally and emotionally. If you need rest, take it. If you're depressed, address it. If you're lonely, go hang out with friends. Etc.

2. See if others in your org are in a similar spot. It's likely related to the fact that July and August suck for selling. If y'all are struggling a bit, then at least you know it's not a you problem.

3. See if there's anything you accidentally started or stopped doing that's different.

4. Ask for help from someone in your company who seems to still be doing well. See if they changed anything.

5. Increase your volume, even if by just a tiny percent. It feels disheartening when our efforts are failing and we're not trying to change anything. Even a small difference can at least make you feel like you're not ignoring this problem.

6. Remember your self-worth ain't tied to these bullshit numbers anyway. It's all just a fucking ridiculous game and you're still way better off than 90% of the planet and the job market is wide open so even if worst comes to worst you just get a better job elsewhere.
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The fact that you care enough to post this is a good sign. My suggest on, you have to change an input somewhere. Too many reps say β€œIm doing what I normally do and it’s not working. The market and landscape can change at the drop of a hat, and there is also the seasonality of summer. Change an input. Do more activity, try a few different tactics, ask for referrals. It’s like baseball, gotta swing through the slumps, cause they are inevitable
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Take some time off. And get a slump buster πŸ˜‰
Pricing Executive
Mate, august is shit for everyone, I had 12/13 good booked in appointments and only two happened - school holidays, annual leave. It pissed me off but at the same time it’s just like the Christmas period, things are slow but then the next month they all come rolling back in!
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Happens to us all. Sometimes you just need an easy close to get the ball rolling again.Β 
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