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Too soon to move on?

A little background: I have been an SE for approximately 1 year at an ERP company. Paid pretty poorly, decent benefits and terrible communication/pipeline.

Last week I got a message on LinkedIn, and decide to humor the call because why not? Start digging into the new company and it all seems pretty legit. The offer is as follows:

Salary: $120,000 OTE (70/30 split)

PTO: Unlimited

Equity: 2500 Shares @ 25% over 4 years (Stage-G startup IPO's in 2 years)

Full bene's yada yada yada all the stuff you'd expect

I am about halfway through the 5 stage interview process and things are looking up.

Here's my question:

Is it too soon to leave my current company, would it look bad long term? I wasn't really looking for a new position but the grass seems so green on the other side.

Appreciate you savages as always

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