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How do you improve when you don't have a dedicated manager?

Start ups or smaller teams I've worked with often don't have a hands-on BDR Manager, or even VP of Sales - what external resources have y'all used, read, etc. to improve your skillset?

VP Sales
The War Room will be a great resource for you! 

Hubspot, SalesHacker, SaaStr, Sam Nelson from Outreach are a few resources.  

There so much content available, it depends on what you are trying to improve. 

Focus on 2-3 skills you know you need to improve and spend 60-90 mins a day practicing.  

I’m in the middle of perfecting an inbound lead qualification deck for my team.  I need to nail it first before I ask my team to deliver during qualifying meetings.  I’m spending the next two weeks about 1-2 hours a day to perfect and then share with the team and have them do the same.  

I make sure my team spends a good 5-10 hours a week practicing pitches, emails, replies.  

With WFH, there’s no more distraction for me, so what used to take 1-2 days in the office now takes a few hours, so I find we have more time left in our days than before.  Actually working 40 hours instead of being in the office 45 but really only working 20-25 of those hours.  
Account Executive
Totally agree about working from home - a lot more time to focus on what you want to focus on, rather than distractions at the office. I appreciate the list of resources as well, I'll check them out!
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This thread had a lot of great suggestions for books. Honestly, repetition and if it's available, break down your call recordings and such to see what you can improve. Always feel free to ask questions on War Room and I'm sure you'd get some killer advice much better than mine :)

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