Transactional Sale- Reducing number of demos

Hey! I am the sales leader for a fintech start-up. My previous experience was in enterprise sales in healthcare technology, usually $800K to $2M ARR. My current company charges $99/per month. I underestimated how different my approach would be in a transactional sale.

Right now, most leads are inbound from webinars. Each person typically requests a demo and then will sign up after. However, it's not sustainable. Yesterday I had 10 demos alone. We are doing a fundraising round in September and hopefully will bring on more staff.

Demos usually take 30 minutes. I was thinking about putting together a 3-5 minute video, but am afraid I won't be able to cover all features.

Any ideas? Would appreciate any tips from those with transactional sales experience. In an ideal world, I would get people to sign up and then give demos to high valued targets.

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Sounds strange but can you do grouped demos were you put clients that are alike togheter?ย 

Or indeed pre tape a lot upfront and let them watch it. afterwards they can discuss if they have questions. Would save you some time.
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I had this exact MRR and volume problem. I did 6-8 demos a day, 30-40 min each, but to keep up with volume we did a weekly community demo. They lasted an hour so we could do the demo and then open up to questions. Ended up with a high conversion. Eventually we did make a 5 minute overview demo video so that EMEA and APAC buyers could pre-qualify before we set up dedicated demo slots at odd times.
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Any possibility of hiring an additional AE or two to help with conducting the demos? Iโ€™d much rather do demos individually than lump them together.ย 

I know you are saying you need to wait Iโ€™m until after fundraising but if bringing on one more person can help close more deals... it may be worth exploring.ย 

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