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Transition from Medical Selling to SaaS

Basically the title. I have been selling successfully in the medical/insurance space for the last several years, and have been contacted by some SaaS companies to interview. For the most part they would be lateral moves in terms of seniority.

Since I would be selling to a very different buying group, any advice on how to relieve the interviewers concerns about moving industries? Or am I overthinking it?

p.s. I used the search bar and didn't see another post relevant to the topic. Sorry if I missed it.

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Just a heads up I have some friends of friends in the medical device space that make $400k+ annually. That's a lot less common in SaaS.

Some companies will have concerns about the industry switches. They're probably not who you're looking for. Sounds like they contacted you though so hopefully they're not wasting your time. But have you closed big deals? Do you work a process? Do you know how to balance multiple stakeholders? Those things hold true across all products.
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Thanks for the input.ย 

Not exactly in the medical device space, but I do still have good income potential in my current role. Pretty much anyone reaching out to me is from a SaaS company so I felt it may be worthwhile to at least have some interviews.ย 

Yes to all of the questions, and I agree that should carry over to any industry. This may be a "the grass is always greener" situation, but I also think it is important to evaluate the options out there.ย 
Call me what you want, just sign the damn contract
Oh for sure. I find that a LOT of SaaS companies don't pay as much as you expect. Definitely have the OTE conversation early so you don't waste your time.
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