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try for a promotion or ask for a raise?

Need a little advice on how to approach a somewhat unique situation (at least to me)

Our sales team is broken up into 2 groups: large enterprise and small enterprise/mid-market/everything else. Between some funding/company growth goals and a couple team members leaving we're now hiring on both teams with the enterprise team getting paid more significantly more than the mid-market team - about 75% more

I'm on the mid-market team where I've been the top rep since I started and am also outperforming some of the enterprise team (actual ARR not just % attainment - as they obviously have a higher number). I also like to think I've been a team player overall, helping with interviews/recruiting and doing a lot of extra work with product & marketing.

My territory right now is pretty good, and the set of target accounts I have within my territory is probably much better than what I would have if I were to successfully interview for an enterprise job and move into one of the open territories there (this is my opinion and probably not the opinion of the company and management - for a number of reasons I think what we do is better suited for the set of companies that I've already picked, but thats a whole other conversation)

Ideally I'd like to get paid like the enterprise team but keep my role the same otherwise, but this doesn't seem realistic. Should I just ask for a raise, should I ask to be interviewed for a promotion, or something else?

How would you approach this?

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Using job offer to get promoted or get a raise?
Negotiate using an offer with another company?
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