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There's this new service called vendr that basically helps the buyer figure out exactly what to pay and gives them all this data on pricing. Anyone faced them in a negotiation or sales cycle?

Have you dealt with helping your buyer?
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๐Ÿ‘‘ Sales Strategy
My Voice May Get Stuck Like This - Creme de la Corp #15 - Aug 31st
Deal Story
bartonmyfrench closed KDC.COM for $146k to the company department
This deal actually only took 8 days. Yes it was an inbound but it was a fat deal for how small the cost can be on licenses for some of our plans. This to me was pretty interesting because this newer I....
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Deal Story
el.guap0 closed a deal for $18k to the Marketing, Support departments
2 Week Sales Cycle. In Bed with Zendesk. Ha. Lame. Smashed their Director of Digital Transformation over the head with a combo of FUD and Opportunity envisioning. Verbal Agreement. 2 plans offered - t...
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