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Waiting for a prospect to join a meeting

Curious to hear everyone's thoughts

I'm an AE and it's the first AE role where I have BDR support, so naturally some initial discoveries result in no shows (I was a BDR too and it happens to the best of us)

How long will you typically wait in the meeting for the prospect to show up?

Since it's usually on the first interaction with them, I usually give it 11-15 min depending on how busy I am.

What is everyone else's protocol?

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Sales Manager
I join the meeting a couple of minutes before.ย 

If they don't join the meeting in five meetings I will call them.ย 

I'll wait in the meeting for another 10 minutes (so 15 minutes total) before I call them again.ย 

Both times I leave a VM. The first VM just says I'm in the meeting and wanted to call to see if they needed help joining. The second voicemail let's them know that I'm jumping out of the meeting but will reach out for us to reschedule.ย 

Then I send them an email about trying to call but not being able to reach them and asking if we can reschedule.
I usually wait for 3-5 minutes and then email them checking if it's still a good time. If they don't come on in another few minutes I call their cell.ย 

A surprising amount of people answer and then hop on the zoom
Account Executive
When I set the meeting, I send over the Microsoft team's calendar invite while they are on the phone.ย  I make them accept that and require them to provide me with the best number to reach them.ย ย 

I don't use my computer audio, but I call 3-minutes before the meeting and say, "Hey prospect, sometimes Teams can be tricky - I figured I'd walk you through setup."ย  I get more positive feedback on this than negative.ย ย 

Realistically, I think some of these meetings no-shows because they have no idea how to use zoom, teams, GTM, etc.ย  However, if they do no show you, try this email if you can't reach them.

Subject - Customer Name - Regarding our meeting today

Customer name,

Is everything okay?ย  If something urgent came up last minute, I completely understand.ย  Things happen, and we can reschedule for tomorrow at the same time since the rest of my day is completely booked.ย ย 

However, if our meeting just slipped your mind, I've dedicated the next 30-minutes specifically for you.ย  So if you respond quickly, we can jump on a quick call now.ย  Please let me know ASAP.

Be blessed,


Yep, the old grandmother undercover guilt trip,ย  Very effective.ย ย 

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I wait 15 minutes before hopping off. And as a rule, I do NOT get back on the call if they message me afterwards.
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5 minutes then I call them. If no answer I'll wait till 10 minutes and then move on
Same 5 mins. On the 3rd min, I email them saying that I am waiting on the link, usually they reply saying running late will join shortly. Otherwise I'm out
WR Officer
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I join 5 min early to get every program set up and ready to share.

If the prospect doesn't show up for 5 minutes after, I shoot them an email. At 10 minutes I call. If still nothing I end the meeting and send a reschedule calendar invite.
WR Officer
5-10 minutes, if they don't come in I leave the meeting and try and get in touch with them to see what's up.
Account Executive
10 minutes is my rule of thumb
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Good post, i wait 15ย 
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VP of Sales & Customer Success
I have a 7 minute rule...but attempt other outreach at minute 5 (email/text/etc).ย 
Business Coach
5 minutes... I reach out by text, cell, email.. no immediate response (2 minutes) move on with reschedule email.
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