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What's up Savages. I am hungover as F from the party last night.

I had a final interview this morning. I am stoked on my performance and level of prep, so regardless of whether or not I get the job I am happy with my effort, and thought I did a damn good job.

How is this relevant BigMeech? Without the help of some of the members here, I would not have had this opportunity in the first place. I have been at my current company for 5+ years. While I have conducted interviews during that time, I myself have not interviewed externally so I was understandably rusty as hell.

A few months ago I started looking for new roles after a change in sales leadership sucked all the joy I had left out of my current role. I want to share a few threads and users on here that really helped me during my job hunt/interview process, and hope that they can help some of you out there if you are actively searching for new roles and/or interviewing.

1) @CadenceCombat - Cadence posted a string of threads a few months ago called "CC's job hunt." As I had not actively looked for jobs recently, these threads were super valuable for me as I started formulating my approach and goals for each day.

2) There were quite a few interesting threads on interview questions, which was extremely helpful as I prepared for the various ones I had. Some of the best ones in my opinion came from

@SaaS_Slinging_Slasher (best sales interview question you have been asked)

@GreenwoodShark ("interview question - what is my greatest weakness")

@JuicyKlay (Job interview question help! "Why did you choose sales"?)

While not necessarily an interview thread, the thread by @funcoupons called "what are the biggest deal killers you face..." was clutch as I literally got asked that verbatim.

3) Obviously the thread by @GeneralCorp (Most creative way to nail an interview) was helpful, with some great tips for during/post interview. @CuriousFox @Chep had some great answers that I tweaked slightly for my process for the last few calls I had over the last few days.

Finally I want to thank @sahil for creating this platform. The amount of knowledge and helpful info on here is nuts. The job board would have been helpful before I started this process but hopefully it helps the next Savage ;)

Now, I am combing through some of the threads on how to ramp up quickly at a new role or company (@KingofGIF just posted a good one) and I am looking forward to logging some new wins at a new company (hopefully) soon!


Meech out.

P.S. there are a shit ton of honorable mentions, so if I did not include your name above I apologize, I have CTE and am a few beers deep post interview so I can't remember all the user names! Love you all.

Edit: I got the offer!!!

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Bean Juice Drinker | Sales Savant
MEEEEEECH! I'm sending offer vibes out to the SADNESS universe. 
Crocs Model
I wonder if we crossed paths last night ... anyway, I love this. I'm super glad you named each thread and the starter because one day when I'm really bored I can combine those into a job seeking mega thread. Gotta have those hangover beers to ease the pain lol. 
Notable Contributor
Deepak Chopra of Sales
Big meech - love you brother. Congrats excited for what's next for you 💥 
WR Officer
Account Executive
You got this.

*cue Herb Brooks Miracle speech*
Padre de Tequila
Super stoked for you my man! Glad you could keep the skills sharp and glad this site has done its job overall. Hopefully if ever we get to cross paths, first round is on me!
Senior AE
All the good juju coming your way and this community really is awesome. Sales always gets the short end of the stick but without us companies don’t exist. Get after it Meech
WR Officer
Thanks bud! I knew you'd kill it at the interview. Sending good vibes! 
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
Congrats on the new role Meech!🔥🔥🔥
Sales Executive
This was really cool.
WR Officer
Needer of Life Alert
I'm fucking stoked I was able to help in some way! Keep us updated fam ❤
WR Officer
Needer of Life Alert
Hell yeah damn right you did Meech!!! CONGRATS 🥃
WR Officer
Coors Light Advocate
Thank you!!
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