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What's up Savages. I am hungover as F from the party last night.

I had a final interview this morning. I am stoked on my performance and level of prep, so regardless of whether or not I get the job I am happy with my effort, and thought I did a damn good job.

How is this relevant BigMeech? Without the help of some of the members here, I would not have had this opportunity in the first place. I have been at my current company for 5+ years. While I have conducted interviews during that time, I myself have not interviewed externally so I was understandably rusty as hell.

A few months ago I started looking for new roles after a change in sales leadership sucked all the joy I had left out of my current role. I want to share a few threads and users on here that really helped me during my job hunt/interview process, and hope that they can help some of you out there if you are actively searching for new roles and/or interviewing.

1) @CadenceCombat - Cadence posted a string of threads a few months ago called "CC's job hunt." As I had not actively looked for jobs recently, these threads were super valuable for me as I started formulating my approach and goals for each day.

2) There were quite a few interesting threads on interview questions, which was extremely helpful as I prepared for the various ones I had. Some of the best ones in my opinion came from

@SaaS_Slinging_Slasher (best sales interview question you have been asked)

@GreenwoodShark ("interview question - what is my greatest weakness")

@JuicyKlay (Job interview question help! "Why did you choose sales"?)

While not necessarily an interview thread, the thread by @funcoupons called "what are the biggest deal killers you face..." was clutch as I literally got asked that verbatim.

3) Obviously the thread by @GeneralCorp (Most creative way to nail an interview) was helpful, with some great tips for during/post interview. @CuriousFox @Chep had some great answers that I tweaked slightly for my process for the last few calls I had over the last few days.

Finally I want to thank @sahil for creating this platform. The amount of knowledge and helpful info on here is nuts. The job board would have been helpful before I started this process but hopefully it helps the next Savage ;)

Now, I am combing through some of the threads on how to ramp up quickly at a new role or company (@KingofGIF just posted a good one) and I am looking forward to logging some new wins at a new company (hopefully) soon!


Meech out.

P.S. there are a shit ton of honorable mentions, so if I did not include your name above I apologize, I have CTE and am a few beers deep post interview so I can't remember all the user names! Love you all.

Edit: I got the offer!!!

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