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Watching an SDR being strung along- what to do?

I am watching a situation unfold right now that I need some advice on how to handle/ if I should intervene into...

We have a sales director who "promoted" an SDR to senior a year ago and had them start working on smaller deals in the territory with the promise of becoming AE.

In the time since he has strung this SDR along pushing meetings to talk career, ignoring messages and diverting coaching to other reps (essentially taking no interest or responsibility).

Meanwhile this SDR has closed 4 deals on top of their regular day-to-day.

To add further insult to injury during this time SDRs in other territories have been promoted in the interim by both this same director and others in the company...not a good look.

I'm sitting watching this and am frankly mad for this SDR but he's still not fully grasping how much he's being screwed over here and thinks it will work out in the end.

What would you do if you were a senior rep watching this occur?

WR Officer
Head of Growth
I would do two things in tandem:Β 

1) Address it with the sales director.Β They may honestly not realize what they're doing. Alternatively, there may be another reason this is happening that isn't obvious to you. Maybe this SDR isn't grasping certain traits of the job quickly enough and the director is working on building those skills up before they promote the SDR to ensure success. Unlikely, but possible.

2) I would address it with the SDR, but do so carefully. You don't want to garner the reputation of an interloper or office busybody. Ask questions about how they're feeling in their role, what steps they're taking to get to the next role, how they feel they could get there, etc.Β 
Take him out for lunch and gauge how he feels about things
WR Officer
Why do you think the sales director is doing that? Is he a sociopath?Β 
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