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WCK closed Seattle Pro Turf for $2.1k to the Owner department

This was a fun one. Called to inquire about how things were going as I noticed he dropped his spend with us. Turns out, disgruntled former employee was trying to screw his business up and he LOVES our platform, gets about 80% of his biz from us. Got him in, and not only fixed but got him on a large upgrade. Was nice.

Sales Manager
Nothing like working the upsells!! Nice work doing some proactive reach out.ย 
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Padre de Tequila, General of the Coors Knights
All about relationships my man! Thank yog
Business Development Manager
Nice work
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Account Executive
Congrats! @WCK
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WCK closed Tree Servicing/Landscaper for $2.8k to the Owner department
I slacked off and stopped posting my wins this month but this one was straightforward in my opinion. One tree removal job brings in 5k+, so a small upgrade of this proportion wasn't out of the realm of...
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WCK closed American Renovation for $1.5k to the Owner department
Was hard tracking down this DM, caught him on my first call and setup a FU, then went radio silence for two weeks. Called me out of the blue apologizing, setup a FU for today. Was worried I wouldn't ge...
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MontBlanc closed RR Donnelley & Sons for $13k to the IT department
Closed my first publicly traded company with this one. It's a small managed services SOW to start off with but should lead to more work over the course of the next 12 months. What I most proud here wa...
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