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We just had 6 reps leave this past month. Is it time to jump ship?

As the title says, I've just been hearing about reps leaving our org and frankly, as a newly promoted AE who's kind of struggling within an industry that had it's golden year last year(Virtual events), I don't know if I should stick around?

I'm in a full sales cycle role from outbound prospecting, discovery calls, demoing, and sending RFPs, but this past quarter has been brutal af. We've got VC money, but that only goes so far and I don't know if I want to stick around only to be let go(would that be a better alternative with my stocks, severance).

Essentially, I'm doing all I can, but when do I know it's time to leave? Commission hasn't been very great lately and frankly, I'm just shocked at how rapidly my role and the market changed in the past quarter. About 6 months ago, it was all gravy, and out bounding wasn't an issue at all. Now it's just a grind with little to no return.

I've been a top performer since I've been at my company, but I can't change the return to in-person and the need to step away from zoom. Any advice on the best course of action? Is this just a summer slump or something I need to be more proactive about?


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