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What are your thoughts on sales bootcamps?

I've been seeing more and more ads/posts about sales bootcamps for BDR's/SDR's. In general, do you think they have any merit to them for such an entry level role? They typically require some upfront costs or % agreement post offer.

Kinda sus to me tbh, I don't see why am entry level role requires payment of any sorts.


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I think they have merit, but you have to do your research on them.Β 

The first startup I joined had 15 people and no formalised training.Β 

I dived straight in but got churned later as I was still learning the ropes.Β 

Does that say more about that company? Potentially.Β 

If the company you're joining has a solid training plan, then no need if you can land a role.Β 
However, if you can't land a role or they have no training, then it should definitely help you ramp/crush it faster.Β 
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I haven't necessarily done a bootcamp per se, but when I worked in the mortgage biz, we had a month long incubator for anyone going in to a sales role. They were taking all levels of experience at the time. I look back on it positively.Β 

I think in the right circumstance a bootcamp provide value if done well.
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I think if you are staring at a company, and they are requiring you to attend an event that you have to pay for - that's a red flag.Β 

I am definitely okay with going to a bootcamp but on my companies dollar.

Or the company can make their own bootcamp and make that shit free.Β 
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Internal training they put you through? Yes.

Externally that out of your pocket? Nuh.
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I went through one and I can def say it gives you a HUGE advantage over people who haven't gone through the training.Β Β 

Beware, there are many types.Β  The one I went to DID NOT charge a single penny from me.Β  "Tuition" was paid by the company hiring me.Β  Nothing came out of my pocket or from my wages upon being hired.Β  There may be other ones that garnish your wages upon being successfully hired.Β  I'd keep researching if that were the case.Β Β 

When I interview SDRs, there's also a world of difference from ppl who came from bootcamps vs people who did not.Β Β 

I have had a positive experience with these bootcamps, I was top of the class, top performer when hired, and went from making minimum wage to 6 figures in 2 years.Β  You find out fast if sales is for you during this training and that's a good thing.Β  I saw many people burn out and it's better to do it in a safe environment vs burning a potential bridge.Β Β 

I was able to receive cold call experience, learn how to qualify, work with an AE, do a real live internship with a large tech company, received coaching during and after being hired, and be part of a great network of alums who help each other out, post jobs, etc.Β Β 
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