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What did you want to be before becoming a sales person?

Title is pretty self-explanatory: What did you want to be before becoming a sales person?

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I’ll start it off:

Early high school, I thought I wanted to be an electrical engineer, then, later in high school and for the next 5 years or so, I fancied myself as an artist and wanted to be a film director and pursured a career in video production, then reality hit me and I realized the life of a starving artist was not for me and I naturally fell into sales which I had been doing in parallel to video production.
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Don’t give up. There’s still time.
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He has not left the building.
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Right after graduation from high school, I started taking classes toward a nursing degree. Quickly realized my heart wasn't in it, and didn't end up completing my studies.Β 

I then worked a mixture of hospitality and office jobs, pretty much aimlessly floating around. Decided to go back to school for human resources because I liked the idea of being an internal recruiter.Β 

After graduation I took a job at a recruitment agency to get some experience, found out I liked the sales aspect of the position more than the recruiting aspect and that I'd make way more money in sales than I ever would in HR. I got laid off at the start of covid-19, which prompted me to seek out a fully sales oriented role, got a job in BDR, promoted to sales rep in a few months and here I am.
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You merely adoptedΒ sales; I wasΒ bornΒ into it, moulded by it πŸ¦‡
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I wanted to be a doctor, but that shit sucks! who wants to work for 24 hours straight looking at old men’s ballsacks all day. Not this lady.Β 
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Growing up in a East Asian household, I always thought that I would take the healthcare/life sciences route. I stuck with this all throughout high school thinking that I would study paramedicine afterwards until my senior year where I got a taste of the world of business.

After that, sales became more of interest and here I am now absolutely loving it and grateful for the catalyst moment in high school that introduce me to the world of business which led me to sales.
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Firefighter. I am a certified EMT and worked for a paramedic company a couple years while testing (academic and physical) at various departments in my area. This was 2009 era, post recession, when government entities were impacted most...and no one was doing ANY hiring.Β 

I was making $9.50/hour and living in my in-laws’ basement with my wife and 2 kids (at the time) trying to pay off student loans and save a down payment for a house.Β 

Had to pivot. Did, into sales. The rest is history.Β 

Still miss aspects of EMS though! Loved the work.Β 
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