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What do you all think of these "LinkedIn Sales Personalities" (Other then General Corp)?

Do you guys think the advice they give really works?

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Have to take their advice with a grain of salt. When I see a sales personality that seems to greatly celebrate themselves, my inner skeptic always questions why they aren't still selling that product/service where they made their name, or at least leading a team or organization to greater heights and commissions! Then again, selling their expertise as consulting is still sales, and I suppose working for themselves may offer a bit more freedom.Β 

I like to follow a hefty list of sales coaches, speakers, and otherwise "personalities" and pick and choose the pieces of advice I actually use. What works for one person may not necessarily work to that same degree of success for another. It's important to make sure you can find what works best for your own style of communication and hustle. I feel there's a great benefit to hearing from multiple perspectives so you can experiment and find what works best for yourself!

Also, long live @GeneralCorp.Β 
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We are on the exact same page here!
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Honestly, I have zero awareness of any outside of @GeneralCorpΒ 
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Too much noise on LinkedIn with so many calling themselves influencers or sales gurus but no substance. I know people that brag about their LinkedIn Sales Star recognition but are on PIP. +1 on take their advice with a grain of salt. General Corp, Sahil, Belal, Scott Leese, Gabrielle Blackwell, Nikki Ivey, Sarah Brazier and Amy Volas are legit IMO
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What do you qualify as a sales personality on LinkedIn?
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It might, it could work for them, but not work for someone else. That to me is the beauty of sales, right? Finding your own voice, selling in a way that is you. Some of the personalities can be absolute buffoons (looking at you Cardone...) but they are a good template of what not to be and sometimes that is more valuable. I definitely get frustrated with some of the self celebrators- but if you listen and take a few things away from them and turn it into your own...meh keep em around for thatΒ 
Which Linkedin Sales guru do you follow and like?
Does sales certification really help or just grooms your LinkedIn profile. Thoughts?
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