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What Do You Hate About Recruiters?

What's poppin' WR, it's been a minute.

Everyone knows that stereotypical LI outreach that you get 3 times a week stating that your experience "lines up perfectly with a new role" that doesn't line up at all with some shitty company that pays 1/4 of what you're currently making. Even as a recruiter, I still get these, and I wonder how these people don't understand how played out their pitch is, and why they'd still use it on another recruiter who probably uses the same gimmick.

Granted, this example is one of many common and general pitches. I have my own pitches and cater each message to the candidate, but I'm still curious - what's the main turn-off for you with recruiters? What initially causes you to question a recruiter's credibility?

I'm in healthcare recruiting, and as the vaccine mandates are rolling in, the layoffs are nuts. Thus, the labor shortage is real and our clients are offering extremely high rates for new workers. The market's hot as a mf right now, so it's also extremely competitive. Looking for any and every edge I can get!

💌 Cold Emailing
💉 Medical
I love my job- should I stop talking to recruiters?
Are recruiters salespeople?
Are recruiters sales people
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