The War Room

What have you done to get that deal closed?

As a woman in sales with my target demographic in the construction industry, I have often had to get creative to hit my targets.

Unfortunately, I have put men as the lead "face" on big deals because I wanted to close. On a recent big opp, the CEO was sexist enough that I felt it necessary he perceived having a man in control of his account. This was 100% my account, and I did 95% of the work. However, I'll do whatever it takes to get that win. I did have to split the commission, but it was significant enough that it was worth it.ย 

On a lighter note, I may or may not have sent a recently divorced prospect a nude cleaning service with my business card "strategically placed" on the staff.

I *really* want to send one of these though :

Let's hear your stories!

๐Ÿฐ War Stories
Deal Story
AtmosphereBrent closed a deal for $200
This is a 10 location business I have been working for 4 months now. I closed 3 last month and just closed another two today. I built value on the front end and Iโ€™m hoping the other 5 will close before...
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If my AE closed a $20k deal I cold sourced, can I put that on the win wire?
Does that count as a win for me on the win wire?
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You will burn in Hell for the Closed Won Deal