What is a solid base pay expectation for a Channel SDR making $30/hr ($62,500/yr) base looking to jump ship to a higher-paying company?

To maintain my anonymity, I won't mention what kind of product I sell but it's in the tech space and our company is publicly -traded. I was an SDR for over a year until I was finally "promoted" to a Channel SDR position (I use quotes because although I got a base pay raise of $5 per hr, the position was essentially the same level of work)

In this new role, I rarely get a single inbound call, I am the only rep qualifying SMB & Mid-market leads, and I only sell to Canada & LATAM. As an SDR1, I sold to the US and was producing way more revenue for the company than now. For reference, my last quarter as an SDR1 before "promotion", I sold $245K by myself and we surpassed quota as a team of 3. Now since joining channel, my highest quarter yet has been $71k and my bonuses as significantly less than they were as an SDR1 (for obvious reasons)

I feel cheated out of time I could have spent building my numbers as an SDR1 to move to an enterprise SDR role and avoiding the bs in Channel.

What kind of pay should I expect given my situation and experience?

TLDR: I used to produce higher sales numbers before I was promoted to a slightly higher - paying role but now my numbers are trash and I want to leave my company. I currently make $62,500 base and $1,500-$3,000 in quarterly commissions + employee stock (only have $10K since working 2 years here.) and want to make more elsewhere. What's a reasonable comp to expect at a new company in the tech space?
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hmm so this is super hard to say. most ppl here will point you to Repvue.com where they have compiled comp numbers from tons of industries.

you could look at SDR roles and AE roles too.

id start there.

It might make sense to talk to your leadership too about switching roles back to SDR1 or talking about how to get to ENT SDR
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The issue with going back to SDR1 or even switching to an ENT SDR is one of my teammates from the 1 team just got promoted to be an ENT SDR and his pay was raised to what Iโ€™m already making now. It would only be worthwhile for me to stay if I had a tangible track to be an AE soon but my underwhelming numbers would definitely get in the way of that even being considered. Plus, Iโ€™m fluent in English and Spanish and am the only one working inbound channel leads so they have an incentive to keep me where I am.

Iโ€™ll check RepVue out and see what I can find. I appreciate the comment!
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Honestly, a lateral move to Ent SDR to improve your numbers might be a good interim step as you look for a new role.
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Shit, you're getting paid more than me and I'm an AE.
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must be talking base, because you should be making more than the 70kish they are as a SDR.
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Base is $50k. $80k OTE.

I have 8 years of sales experience, 1 as an SDR, 1 as an AE.
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I would advise Repvue.comto get a good average.
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Google the role and your city/state and it will give you a good idea.

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Just Got a offer from a startup willing to pay 3x my current salary