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What is the best sales tools for finding accurate phone numbers?

Hey beautiful sales professionals, I've used many sales tools in my short career in sales to find accurate and reliable phone number and email addresses, I was just curious on asking the community which tools you found to be the best?

If budget isn't an issue simply based upon how effective and accurate the tool is which one knocks all others out of the park?

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The majority of my experience so far has been with ZoomInfo. I've used a few others here and there, but I think ZoomInfo is a pretty awesome tool for getting a phone number.ย 

It frequently has the HQ #, Direct #, and sometimes the mobile as well (better be real confident in your cold call skills to dial up the mobile!)

It has some nice functionality where you can import lists, it reviews them, and spits it back out with missing data, cleaned up dupes, and more.ย 

Last pro, it's advanced search is great for when you don't have a specific person but a target role/territory/title/etc. Which you can also turn into a list and either automatically export to your CRM or pull it out into a CVS.ย 

On the con side, it isn't enough to full remove some of the other tools that I use for research. It's not always 100% accurate. Usually though ZoomInfo is where I go for my final answer, and then cross reference otherwise.

Curious to hear other's thoughts though!
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Very intresting, I have been using Zoominfo for a while now and yes while it does provide most of the info you're looking for sometimes espcially with newer companies on the block, it just not updated enough to get their info.ย 

I usually used zoominfo to cross refernce as well so I know I wont be getting any bounces/wrong numbers. Our subscription ended a couple of months back and I definetly do miss it but I feel like some other tools out there are more powerful in getting that information we need so badly.ย 
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What else are you using that you like? I'm always curious to know what's out there.ย 

Also, I sell into hospitals and health systems. There might be a lot of turnover, but there often aren't new companies. Also, usually the office phone number rings the CFO office, doesn't necessarily matter who the CFO is at the time haha!
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The best sales tool to get an accurate number for me is the telephone.ย  I call the business line and speak to the gatekeeper.ย ย 

*Phone answers*
GK: Hello, this is ABC Business; how can I help you?
Me:ย  Hey, who am I speaking with?
GK - Mary.... who is this?
Me (overly excited): OH, Hey Mary!!! It's The Honeybadger (like you know each other).ย  Listen, I'm looking everywhere for a contacts extension, and I seem to have misplaced it - Do you mind helping me out?ย 

At this point, 1 of 3 things will happen.ย ย 

1) will transfer you to their voicemail
2) give you the extension (best case)
3)ย  Ask more questions to find out why you need it.

If number 3 happens, play it cool.ย 

ย "I'm just trying to get ahold of them for a quick second.ย  If he's not available, is anyone available that works directly with contact that I can speak with?"ย  (get another contact out of it.)

Finally, if you're not going to win, just ask to be sent to their voicemail.ย  Notate that - and try another time again.ย  At some point, you'll get the right info.
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Exactly Honeybadger. Get the information off of the company website and make the call.

None of the tools available will have 100% correct information. ZoomInfo is pretty darn close though.
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Hey this is actually very useful and great startgey, only downside is that this might be a nightmare when you have a 100 calls to make in a day and you are constantly facing gate keepers.ย 
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At first, yes.ย  But truthfully, it'll have another 20-30 seconds per call.ย  Once you get the rhythm - time yourself.ย  If it's going no where; just say "No problem, I'll send them an email.ย  Is their email still..... ?ย 
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With the majority, zoominfo... And LinkedIn if they are boomers... They leave personal email and contact deets in their contact section.
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I think will get you the numbers with some accuracy
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