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What is the most unexpected or craziest way you've ever closed a deal (or scored a meeting at least?)

From the most wild email, to the weirdest scenarios? Got any stories?

To get to a VP and eventually a CTO of a major bank, I bought one of their books and read it and had long conversations about it before I even mentioned my role. Led to serious $$$$$$

๐Ÿฐ War Stories
WR Officer
Account Executive
My deal was stuck in procurement for weeks, I found out who needed to sign it in procurement and then called the department pretending Iโ€™m my champion at the company and am waiting for it to be signed.
Procurement signed that day.
it was a risky move, but it was a large company and I knew that the procurement guy and my champion didnโ€™t really know each other
Co-Founder & VP Sales @ PLURiTy
To get a product into 600 plus stores I took the 65 year old purchasing manager to Omnia in Vegas, got a table and two bottles and showed him what itโ€™s like to be 30
again. Lead to a 1 million dollar sale ๐Ÿ˜…
Public Sector Business Development
I don't have a crazy story - but some methods that sticklers don't like. I don't "pitch" right away - for starters. I do my research always & act like I'm there to consult - not sell. When your company has more credibility in an industry - this is easy to do. So I'd say just make sure you can somehow convey that your opinion & consultation on buying - has value.
WHERE is the craziest place you ever closed a deal?
Have you ever lied to a prospect to close a deal? If yes, what was it?
Have you ever lied to a prospect to close a deal?
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Have you ever declined to close a deal because of ethics?