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What is the weirdest thing you've heard on the phone?

Scarring moment for me but in my first month on the phones I had a prospect who thought he'd hung up and went back to watching some adult videos with the audio on loud so i could hear it and the call recording was soon an office favourite.

Safe to say to this day he's one of the stickiest clients we've had.

What have you guys heard out there in this wonderful world of sales?

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Okay my story doesn’t even come close to that. But today a gatekeeper told me the person I was trying to contact just went into the bathroom and asked if I wanted to wait .... it threw me off at first but I said yeah I’ll wait . 10 mins later on hold she said he wasn’t available to take my call. I had to double tap this guy so I needed to send him an email too. It took everything in me to not put β€œ thanks for not taking my call today even though I waited on hold while you took a shit β€œ in my follow up email . Clearly, the message is I got played.Β 
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Quality! haha
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Not my story, because I've never encountered anything that weird. But my former manager's best cold call story:

He called an office and asked for Mary. Mary answers and says "Oh hey, is this Bob?" Bob was surprised Mary knew him but figured she'd noticed him on the caller ID before, so he said yes it is...and Mary then proceeds to say "ok great, so I also have Linda in my office and we're ready to chat about Sam assaulting Jim in the office yesterday..."Β 

Bob says "oh woah I think you have me confused with someone else, I'm actually Bob Lastname calling from Company...guessing this isn't a good time, though?"

He said both of them were polite but clearly felt SUPER awkward. He hung up pretty quickly and don't think he called back for a while lol.
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Nothing other than the occasional pocket dial where you hear them walking or driving.
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Not a weird thing I overheard but more of a sad turn of events. I had a prospect who I had received some replies from to reach back out in a month or so (story of our lives).Β 

When I reached back out in a month, a secretary answered and let me know that the individual had passed away only a few days before.Β 

I was rattled to say the least.Β 
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Wasn't my call but my manager, a man, was told by the prospect, also a man, using an obviously fake Slavic accent that he found his voice arousing. Manager was caught off guard and couldn't think of anything to say other than "thank you"
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