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What’s a normal sales interview process

I'll start off by saying that I haven't job hopped a ton and got my previous jobs through my network. As a result I haven't been through some of the gruelling interview proccesss I've read about on here and Reddit. So what's really normal?Β 
I've read about 3 rounds of interviews, a role playing session then a chat with an executive just for a job. I kind of think that's ridiculous but maybe I'm naive. I guess I don't know how high level the jobs are but if it was for like 60k base and 120 OTE I don't even know if I'd bother.
So, anecdotally what has been most peoples experience in terms of interview process?
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Depends on the industry and depends on the company. Β 

it took 3 months with my last firm, almost 5 months with my new one, others wanted to sign me in 2 weeks.

in my previous career it was a single phone call or meeting πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
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My two most recent experiences:
1. Call with hiring manager
2. Call or two with HR
3. Call with the next level up of managementΒ 
4. "Round Robin" of 3-4 people: hiring manager and management again, potential peers, other managers you would work with (Solution Consultants) and folks like Sales Ops or Marketing
5. Final Presentation/role play with any/everyone above and more
6. Offer/No Offer

Can go into more detail if you would like but hope this helps - it is grueling, it is time consuming and at times you may need to just tap out or play hardball, and challenge their process: this can help you a lot or hurt you a lot...ill leave it at thatΒ Β 
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Actually currently interviewing with a new company/startup, so I'll detail my current company role/process and the new.

Current company:
1. Call with recruiter
2. In-person 2 hour interview including roleplays, meet & greet, etc
3. Final phone call/questions
4. Offer

Current role(Internal promotion):
1. Apply once qualified
2. Interview/roleplay with director of department
3. Offer

Current interview process:
1. Recruiter connection
2. Zoom intro interview with head of talent acquisition
3. 30 minute Zoom interview/meet & greet with VP of Sales(current stage)
4. 1.5 hour Zoom interview/roleplays with VP of Sales, VP of Ops, ad intro to current employees
5. Offer/No offer
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1. Call with Recruiter
2. Call with Hiring Manager
3. Assessment
4. Assessment Review w/ Hiring Manager
5. Closing call with Executive (only if offer is to be extended)
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I hear lots about having to 'do a cold call' in front of people, I'm unsure if this is a common thing.Β 

myself and friends in sales roles simply had the whole 'Tell me about yourself' kinda interview. I imagine with bigger companies it's the process of 3/4 interviews.Β 

As @IncognitoΒ said, it depends. Smaller companies may offer you the job after the first interview but equally, have a corporate mind and put you through the rounds.Β 
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3 steps: 1. HR Phone Screen 2. Interview with manager 3. Interview with VP. Offer
*Interview* Is a roleplay part of your company's interview process?
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