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What's something ridiculous you've done to earn your way onto a prospect's shit list?

Early in my career I was working as a BDR for a commercial real estate startup. My job was to find businesses that were considering workplace transitions and pitch them on our vertically integrated model to help them customize and move into their new space at a fraction of the cost.

My territory was a single city in the midwest. As can be expected it was a grind. Only so many mid-market companies looking for new office space at any given time. High reward for the appointments that were booked, but long periods of nothing but rejection in between.

One day I finally got on the phone with a VP at a regional bank who told me they had just secured a $6m office space on another floor of their current building, thanked me for the call, and hung up. Our services extended beyond procurement and I was determined to get my chance to make my pitch. Tried calling back and the gatekeeper told me they are not interested. I didn't have a direct dial and tried guessing several email variants that all bounced.

The only option I could find to reach him was the website's contact me form. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it ended with something like "I won't let you or your team settle for subpar office space. When can I call you back?"

Their marketing manager forwarded it to the VP with a message saying "Uh oh, looks like somebody is in trouble! :)"

The VP responded telling me in no uncertain terms to never contact them again. Never made it past a quick hang up from the gatekeeper after that.

What's your story?

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