The War Room

What's the best prospecting tip you've heard recently?

I'm currently in a new role that is requiring me to be more proactive and generate pipe. I have current customers that generate revenue but majority of my territory is prospects.

I sell a cloud customer experience solution and the tips I've been getting internally is to "find problems" and offer solutions.

My issue though is that I'm selling into small to mid-size healthcare organizations that have been wrecked from the pandemic and are very bad at publishing any sort of information.

War room, what's some of your best advice to attack this challenge!

πŸ”Ž Prospecting
πŸ₯Ž Training
😎 Sales Skills
Sales Manager
How many calls are you making a day as you prospect?Β 

My advice is to just keep dialing! Cold calling / prospecting is a numbers game. The more you call, the more appointments you’ll set.Β 

But when you do get people to answer learn what pains your prospects are dealing with and offer solutions to those pains. Sorry, I know it’s similar to what you’ve heard but it’s huge.Β 
Good Citizen
Account Executive
My problem is, I have a lot of internal meetings / distractions during the day. I'm trying to work harder and smarter. So I'm wondering what are goto questions to be asking during these live calls!

Also, a lot of these people are too busy to tell me their issues.Β 
Account Executive
I'm all about finding prospects from my competitors LinkedIn posts. It's better if you can easily explain why you're better. Note who likes the posts and call them
Good Citizen
Manager Business Development
I'd get on LinkedIn & connect with as many people in your ICP as you can. If they accept just ask them what they're struggling with currently, tell them you're just looking to learn more from professionals like them. Maybe ask if they're willing to meet to share more of their knowledge, buy them coffee or whatever to make it worth their while
Cringiest thing you've ever heard on a sales call?
What's the Best Prospecting Tip You've Gotten Lately? Here's Mine...