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What's the weirdest/ballsiest/wildest thing you've seen or done on a demo?

I'll go first... This happened when I was an SDR and I was watching my AE pitch a demo I set.

One of our AE's was pitching a company in rural Saskatchewan. During the fact find, our AE uncovered that there was another DM involved that we didn't know about before (your boy from up in the clouds, JC).

At the end of the demo, my AE asked how The Guy normally made decisions. The Guy mentioned he usually takes a day or two to think it over (classic) but he also mentioned that he built the business and continues to run the business with the help from the man with the holes in his hands. So when he makes decisions, he prays on it.

Our AE then proceeded to try and expedite the sales cycle by offering to pray with The Guy on the Zoom call as opposed to letting The Guy go home and exclude us from the convo.

The next minute of the demo involved The Guy launching a prayer into the ether looking for guidance to decide on our product. Our AE prayed with The Guy and when the prayer was finished, proceeded to ask The Guy, "What did the Lord think of the proposal?".

Unfortunately, the Lord was indecisive in the moment. We ended up losing the deal, but in all honesty, our AE was extremely respectful throughout the process, while still trying to close the deal. To watch this live on Zoom and not react was one of the more difficult things I've ever done, but I am glad I was there to experience it.

Your turn....

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I don't know how to follow that ๐Ÿ˜†
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Wow. That is something. I try to stay away from religion or politics. Craziest for me was straight up stopping and walking out when we knew we weren't a fit. Hit a point prospect asked a question on it, we always have a work around cause nothing is ever perfect in tech and everyone wants to stump you. The workaround wasn't good enough they said it was a show stopper, so we stopped the show. We left, it wasn't awkward like kicked out of the place and shame walked, but it wasn't great either.ย 
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I love a good demo prayer ๐Ÿ™ย 
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