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What’s your worst interview experience?

I’ll start.

show up to an interview and about 10 people are waiting to interview as well. They come get me and another girl and brought us both into an office. We were going to do a duel interview because the company thought it was a good idea. Girl interviewing with me is a moron so basically I just one upped her the whole time with knowledge.

The next part is the most stupid. After the duel interview we were going to shadow a sales rep for the rest of the day. They assign me to a sales “leader” and the girl asks me to drive my car (outside sales). Weird but ok. 2 other girls were assigned to 2 sales leaders as well and ALL 6 OF US WERE GOING TO GO TOGETHER INTO BUSINESSES TO TRY TO SELL. I walked into the first place with the whole crew and saw the look of confusion on that businesses employees at seeing six girls walk in and awkwardly look around. 1 person talked. The other 5 of us stood there like 6th graders on a field trip.

We left that building and I pretended to get an emergency call to pick up my child from daycare, and ditched them. I told my sales leader she’d have to get a ride with one of them.

0/5 stars.

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Dude turning up stoned as f*** 😅
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You could have just kept scrolling 
I was actually the first comment lol. But hey do check the thread too. It has some interesting stories :)
Having to take a brutal dump halfway through an in person interview then coming back from the restroom fifteen minutes later. Still got the job through! 
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Totally unrelated to sales, but dating is secretly sales. I remember getting a call from a friend and she said 'Heyyy hows he doing? Oh no! I better come home. It's okay I'm just on my date playing Dungeons and Dragons....' 
I understand DnD has gotten popular in recent years. But 15 or 20 years ago.. I just could not imagine a worse date.
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This is bizarre. 

Also there's another thread with this topic 😉
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I went to a very weird real estate developer after being fired. I was desperate and looking for any jobs and this company posted over my uni portal so I was like cool. 

Thing is never heard of this company before. 

Come interview time, the company has a well defined plot, plenty of receptionists. And a very rude interviewer thinkiing that that's the way to assert dominance. 

He goes like you must have learned about our company...i was like no i havent and couldn't find anything about you guys...he was like well you didn't do your research then. Im like ok if you go that way  im happy to learn about you guys why isn't there any ads about your developments? Where are they located the plot?

He was like look man this is too much questions...i want to hire someone who is able to sell plots and estate before they are developed. Before we even decide to have the plot. Our goal is to collect down-payments you have to design behind you you need to collect.

I was like that is very sketchy is it legal? He was like it is of course but I don't think you are up for the job, you ask to many questions.
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Your mom
Worst Interview Story?
What are some of the worst lies told to you during an interview process?