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What was your most satisfying Closed Win?

In my first year in B2B sales, I was selling a tech platform to mid size companies. I live in Northern California and covered the entire state. It was the last day of the quarter and I needed to get one more deal to hit a stretch goal, and I was traveling in Southern California doing face to face meetings.

Our contract already went through procurement, legal had signed off, and the Docusign was sitting in the CFO's inbox. I called, emailed, even texted him the past three days to get him to sign the Doc. He finally replied to me the morning of the 31st that he "had too packed of a day and won't be able to sign the document until next week." Of course.

So what did I do? I called my Champion and asked if the CFO was working in the office that day. I drove to their office around 11:30am. Maybe he would take a lunch break and I could grab his attention. No luck. So I ended up waiting in their parking lot until 7:30pm that night with a paper copy of the agreement. Him and I had rapport. We had spoke and negotiated a bit during the process. He had already approved pricing, and his legal team had already signed off on the language for. All he needed to do was sign it.

He comes out, sees me standing in the parking lot. Chat for 4-5 minutes until he caves and signs off on the doc in pen. Get it uploaded into Docusign and countersigned and we were on our way.

Far from the biggest deal in my career, but one of those that i will never forget. Share your awesome story below!

๐Ÿฐ War Stories
Account Executive
Closed a lead that another AE had first dibs on and turned down. Word on the street is he was very pissed about it.
Good Citizen
Director of Sales
My most satisfying win was when leadership told me not to waste my time and I stuck with it... ended up closing it and it was the largest deal of the year.ย 
Why did they not want you to continue pursue the potential largest opp of the year??
Sales & Business Development Rep
Brilliant... that's dedication!ย 
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
Still waiting on my first closed won, but I got a good feeling it's coming soon
Sr. Director, Sales Development
My most satisfying win was a multi-million dollar deal with a global airline that my field sales rep said there was no potential and I could go waste my time.

Five months of prospecting till I cracked into their customer insights group and then the rest was history after an epic 14 month sales cycle.ย 

This same sales rep then became my biggest fan as I got us into more deals.ย 

This deal was referenced by all our C-suite leaders every time they talked about big deals on helping massive companies with their digital transformation efforts.

One of the solutions included ended up being the largest install in the history of the solution.
Account Executive
Managing to get a salient characteristic of a competitor thrown out AFTER the RFP was released. It's better to be lucky than good.
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Mine was to a RFP after the third response. I protested the results of the first two.
How do you normally celebrate a BIG win deal?
How do you normally celebrate a BIG win deal?
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What is your Closed Won 'Win Video'?
Deal Story
AtmosphereBrent closed a deal for $200
This is a 10 location business I have been working for 4 months now. I closed 3 last month and just closed another two today. I built value on the front end and Iโ€™m hoping the other 5 will close before...
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