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When have you refused to sell something to someone that wanted to buy?

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Had a prospect that wanted to use our service for a use case I knew it would not solve. We actually did have additional pipe with the same customer for a different use case, so I told this team we were not a good fit and actually ended up recommending one of our competitors. We ended up doing a significantly larger deal later on, and the contact actually advocated for us since they realized we had their best interest in mind.Β 

The shit use case would have only been $10K, got 6 figures out of them in the end.
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It was a church.Β  My solution would still work but they're better off using another service with favorable tax consequences.Β  I told her no 3 or 4 times.Β  She ended up going with me bc she liked me as a person :| I legit wanted her to rethink her options. I marked the pastor as a closed lost.Β  6 months later, she came back asking where do I sign.
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If you absolutely know it won't work... don't sell it.Β  Unless it's the only way you're getting to your quota and you're in a huge pinch - MAYBE.

Otherwise, pretty much no in every situation.Β  Your ability to sell often hinges on trust and reputation.Β  If you sell something that you know won't work and you sell it as working, you've fkd yourself.
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My W.A.P. πŸ™ƒ

bitches should know better that it’s beyond their budget.Β 
When you offer the prospect everything they want and won't buy?
Closed prospects with cold feet?
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