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When the CEO isnt the Target but you use him to get the target

Whats up Sales Savages!

I wanted to run this cold email methodology by you to see if I am either 1) Genius 2) Misingformed 3)Made it to the moon but never got back

Targeting a VP/Director who will be making the decisions you -

1) Email the CEO with your offering - most likely he will not respond but this will play into the real play

2) Email the Target VP/Director/Head with the following

<Subject> Just reached out to (CEO Name)

<Body> Hey (Target Name) I just reached out to (CEO NAME) but it sounds like you are the person who can get the ball moving on this project - (Call to action)

3) Time for some more emails

Let me know what your thoughts are on this initial hook to get a response.

What level is this?
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What you are kind of doing is Triangulation. Triangulation is as an effective way to outreach. "Hey Joe, I have been reaching out to Mary and Erin about how xyz can do abc. Interested in learning blah blah blah."
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that's queen coups to u
Interesting - what's your response rate like when using this methodology?
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I heard about this a week ago and implemented it right away for some initial responses - from my team the ~200 attempts (~400 emails) we had 35 responses for 17.5% after one week.ย ย 
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that's queen coups to u
Very cool. That's a high response rate to cold emails in my opinion. Do you know how many of those responses resulted in meetings/your company's next step?ย 
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I think it's smart, as long as they don't sit right next to each other.
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I follow this but it isn't the most effective.
But yea sometimes they talk and agree to ignore you.
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ok so I have learnt that CEO's don't give a fuck about anything unless it could solve a problem he or she is aware of - and the WIll forward your email on they also shockingly will read emails - this is what I doย  ...get he CEO to forward it on - that way the person you really need willย  HAVE TO follow up hahha!!

ย this has worked for me more than 5 times its my 'go to' for when I've found articles about profit drops in companies as that's when CEO is looking to saveย 

also, note i haven't intro'd my company - I am keeping it short on purpose CEO's are 1000 mph - he will skim over and just forward to who quickly, saying 'look into this' or something similarย 

For example - let's say I want to sell dave the CEO of burger king my email platformย 

subject: Email: ยฃ200k cost avoidance for xxxxย 


I know the mid-launch of your new breakfast burgers but I thought this was relevant as I just read in fast food monthly magazine that you're seeing a dip in profits, are you guys under pressure to drive savings from within?ย  - ALWAYS ADD PERSONALISATIONย 

We Help xxxย  (your client)ย  with email as a service and when they moved to us they saw a cost avoidance of ยฃ200k in q1 alone.ย 

I want to show this to the relevant eyes at burger king, can you forward this on for me to get the ball rolling?

CEO wonโ€™t let us use email automation. How to get him to allow?
I just don't get it [help] -> How to use Slack in my team?
Using Slack - nah or yah?
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I think I was just told to bring them a new client so they can use our product?