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Which mentor changed your life? Share your story

Which mentor or person changed your life and why?

A while ago I was in a bad place. I didn't value my mental health and I neglected myself.

My former sales director noticed me while going downhill. When we had a deeply personal conversation, he told me that I had to change myself and gave me freedom and space to do so.

Every day I am still grateful he reached out.

Today I'm strong and have a growth mindset πŸ’ͺ🏽

Mental health is important!

Who changed your life?

πŸ™ Mental Wellness
πŸ€— Self-care
🩺 Health
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Not a mentor, but a good friend, one I didn’t think would help me the way he did. I was having suicidal thoughts, never told anyone, at that moment one of my best friends took his life, when no one expected it, he was handsome and successful, he had everything or so we thought.

This was a wake up call for me, to open up, I quit my job, got the one I have now, which I really enjoy (I hated the old one) and switched my life.Β 

All was posible this by telling my story and asking for help.

If anyone is having a bad time and wants to talk about it I’m here, it doesn't have to be through this platform, we don’t even have to share our names, or see our faces but I’m here. I can value how speaking up, being and feeling heard can help!
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Not a mentor per se but a total stranger (who is now a friend) helped me get my first SaaS SDR role and get where I am today. I think I just asked him to give me some tips off Reddit to get a foot in the door and he was super receptive and helpful. The other day I spoke to his group of interns about what tech sales is like as they are about to graduate and looking into different career paths, so we came full circle.Β 
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errrrrm not found one...... yet 😬
You will find one eventually. Otherwise, choose one!
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Not a mentor for myself, but one of my closest friends could tell I was pretty frustrated with life/career and he encouraged me to take a step back, understand that work is just part of life but it shouldn't define who I am. From there on out, I've put more into my career while also striving to live life outside of work, and have really been in a much healthier mental space for a few years now cause of it.
Never had a mentor. But I know someone will pop up eventuallyΒ 
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