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Which ones are the most interesting sales strategies on the Internet, and why?

There are many strategies worth considering for your business. In my opinion, there are a few that might work for most business types, but of course, you need to adjust them to your personal goals and needs.

Social media marketing is said to be essential for any company that’s present in the digital world.

🔹 Kontentino might come in handy no matter if you’re running just your social media profiles or working for other companies as an agency. There are different plans you can choose from and they offer a mobile app. You can create content, send it for approval and schedule it for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Influencer marketing has become a king lately, due to the pandemic. As customers tend to believe people they follow more than they believe marketers, it might be a good idea to implement influencers into your strategy.

🔹 PostAffiliatePro is a tool that can help you manage your collaborations with affiliates from all over the world, as it works with multiple currencies.

Webinars and online events are a trend that’s still on the rise. To gather new leads and convert them into clients, you might need to host a webinar - or even create a series of them.

🔹 LiveWebinar is a software system that enables you to run webinars under your domain or stream them to social media. You can also record evergreen videos and earn on them periodically.

Retargeting pixels are an important element that's often underestimated.

🔹 RocketLink enables you to shorten your links and add retargeting pixels to them so that you can reach again those people who clicked in a particular URL and show them your ads. It’s more probable, that they’ll become your clients in the future than those, who weren’t interested in the topic at all.

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