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Which way do you use ZoomInfo for importing prospects?

How do you import your contacts from ZoomInfo into Salesforce?

Obviously it's great and extremely convenient to mass import and call it a day and go after your new prospects. But I just can't get myself to do this. A lot of the data isn't correct, bounces, etc. and I feel like it's a waste going after these contacts.

I take the slow methodical approach of scanning a company on Sales Nav and importing one by one the prospects I know are the right fit and who would be the appropriate contact.

But this method is soooo time consuming. And every time I try to switch, I find myself back here, doing it the right but painfully slow and not efficient-feeling way.

Anyone know if there is a faster or better way? Now that I'm an AE I really can't afford to spend time doing this, but it's necessary to fuel my prospecting. Should I suck it up and give mass importing another go?

How do you all go about this process?

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Account Executive
You can bulk upload a list of prospect URL's and then from there add them to a list and slowly map out target contacts.
Account Executive
I would say it depends on your outreach strategy. I mass import all the contacts i want one company at a time (by department/title/mgmt level). Then i blast some sequences to lower level contacts (dont hate, they work well for the amount of effort required). I dont really give a shit if any of those bounce since its a volume approach. But then I will write personal emails and cold call the high level contacts. Those I do usually quick check on LI before taking the time to reachout and I usually find good info about them that I can use anyways. I guess it depends on how many possible POCs you have at an account and the size of account. But if there’s a decent amount of contacts at the account this approach works well for me and definitely sounds faster than starting in LinkedIn.
Corporate Sales Account Executive
I go about it the same exact way.Β  I used to think of it as a waste of time, but putting the work in to verify and upload the right contacts makes for better outreach moving forward.Β  I always make sure to tag my prospects as they're uploaded in order to allow for easy bulk outreach in the future as well, once I've cultivated those lists.
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