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Why do I feel burned out?

Maybe I need the age old "stop being a bitch and just do your job" advice for this but I'm worried I'm starting to feel burned out.

Preface for my situation: Started in sales right out of college in COVID times (shout out all 2020 grads), was an SDR for process automation company that sold into Mining, Oil and Gas etc, did that for 9 months and somewhat enjoyed it but felt like I was losing engagement and feeling with it. Switched jobs to a new company and different vertical that better suites and aligns with my values (still in SaaS). Been here for 2 months, I love my company, what they do, the value they provide people and have been able to get some solid wins on the board but for some reason I just feel so un-engaged. I have no drive to want to talk with prospects and do sales stuff at all; has anyone else felt like this? What did you do to get out of your funk?

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I feel like this happens often with us in sales... and for me, the only way to get out of the funk is to sell more! For those of us in sales we get a high from selling (or from the commission we get from selling).Β 

One time I really hit this wall and was contemplating moving out of sales and the thing that helped me get on the right track was taking some time off and going on a little vacation. Doing this enabled me to reset and come back ready to grind.
that makes a ton of sense, also feeling the lack of motivation from the nice weather and finally being able to do stuff (pre-covid and in school was playing baseball all the time so I was broke lol)Β 

Appreciate the advice!
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I'm no medical professional, but you sound depressed. Why do I say that? I went through it during the peak of COVID. Sure, my world was ripped out from under me like everyone else, but I also developed strong compassion fatigue and was struggling to wrestle with the reality I was dealt. Started working with a psychologist that works with people in high-pressure situations (startup leadership, mostly) and it truly helped me realign my values and focus regarding work and life. The coping mechanisms helped a ton, too.

Again, I am no doctor, only speaking from personal experience with a similar feeling.
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Sounds like you need a break! Do you have the option to take a vacation? If not, what about a mental health day? I have gotten in these funks from a young age and you really need to dig into WHY you feel this way. Easier said than done, I know. But maybe a set routine or just a day off will make a world of difference. Hope you get out of the rut soon!Β 
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You might want to look into therapy. I've been considering it myself. ❀
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Do it, well worth it
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One of the most difficult things we face day in and day out is motivation.

Sales is all about efficiency and giving 40 hrs @ 100%... I see far too many put 70-80% effort for 60 hrs a week and the results just don't materialize.

I found building a routine that is somewhat rigid has helped me stay on the ball for the last 18 months while working from home.

Wake up at the same time, coffee + protein shake, workout, breakfast, etc...
And keeping mind its not all grind. Luck plays a role as wellΒ 
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