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Why do I feel burned out?

Maybe I need the age old "stop being a bitch and just do your job" advice for this but I'm worried I'm starting to feel burned out.

Preface for my situation: Started in sales right out of college in COVID times (shout out all 2020 grads), was an SDR for process automation company that sold into Mining, Oil and Gas etc, did that for 9 months and somewhat enjoyed it but felt like I was losing engagement and feeling with it. Switched jobs to a new company and different vertical that better suites and aligns with my values (still in SaaS). Been here for 2 months, I love my company, what they do, the value they provide people and have been able to get some solid wins on the board but for some reason I just feel so un-engaged. I have no drive to want to talk with prospects and do sales stuff at all; has anyone else felt like this? What did you do to get out of your funk?

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