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WR Savages: Are you interested in Deal Swapping?

I've got an idea for a new WR Member Benefit: Deal Swap.

We arrange it by ICP, so let's assume we get 100 salespeople who all sell to VPs of Marketing in Tech. (we can do different ones too, obvi... this is an example).

All 100 reps bring 5-10 customer contacts they have strong relationships with. Companies they know well. Can give the skinny on how to get through.

All 100 reps also bring 5-10 prospects they are trying to crack. Customers they want to close but haven't been able to crack, yet.

We make matches. So you give some intel to 1 person, get some intel from another. Everyone walks away a little smarter, maybe some warm intros happen... goodness ensues.

Who is game for this?

Would you participate in a Deal Swap? (trade intel / warm intros)
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*Voting in this poll no longer yields commission.
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Hey savages, a question about commissions.
Hello all, new to the group and very happy to be here. To those who have been using the platform... what is your best advice on how to beat use the war room to start networking, contributing, and getting the most out of it. Think back to what you wish someone told you when you first joined. TY!
After The Joy I got From Reading About "Fellow Savages" Defending A Sales Savages From An Asshole C.T.O I'm Eager For More