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"Years of Experience"

Would love to hear the War Room's thoughts on this.

Prior to making the jump to SaaS a year and a half ago, I spent 9 years in the retail world.

I started my former career when I was 17, as a lowly stock boy. Over 9 years I rose through the ranks and before I left I was a District Manager and had been the top in the company 2 years in a row. The responsibilities of that role ranged quite a bit, but overall it was a very sales focused role being responsible for 20MM in annual revenue.

All that background to say, how much experience do I have? When asked by a recruiter/ hiring manager or when I'm ya know... filling out my profile on Bravado Jobs and am asked about "years of experience" would you include my former career?

This experience tends to be received differently depending on the person I talk to.

Curious to hear what you all think!

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that's queen coups to u
This is what a resume is for and why I hate black and white questionnaires, lol. The hiring manager can determine whether your retail experience is relevant to the role they're hiring for.ย 

My gut tells me to just include your SaaS experience on questionnaires/applications but if you do get an opportunity to chat with a recruiter, bring up your previous management/retail sales experience.
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Spot on
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I could be wrong, but I definitely think that all your time in retail should count as relevant experience. Not to mention that anyone who has worked retail, knows what a challenge it can be so it could even give you a leg up. AND in your case, it shows you ability to grow as an employee. I agree with you though, it does tend to be received differently depending on who is asking
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The retail experience is likely going to be overlooked a side from maybe the management portion. The role and sized company you are gunning for will play into it as well. Are you trying to jump straight to an Account Manager role or you taking a step back to take 2 steps forward so to speak (something like an ISR or SDR)? I come from restaurant management (5 years) myself and essentially restarted my career beginning at SDR. Retail work experience does not exactly translate to corporate experience. I could see some orgs looking past that though depending how you position yourself.
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For some context.ย 
I spent 7 of the 9 years in management.ย 
5 of the 9 leading leaders in a multi unit type of role - overseeing 20+ locations in multiple states.ย 

For additional context, I am currently an AE.ย 

I hear you on things not exactly translating and I think overall you're right - it depends on the audience.ย 
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Then as @funcouponsstated very well below include just SaaS experience expand the conversation about past experience with interviewers/recruiters in discussion.
Depending upon the role you are applying for, you must tweak your CV.ย 

If you SaaS org has something to do with retail customers, they would definitely want to look at your network and responsibilities you have had. I generally restrict my resume to 1 page where the recent one is decrriptive and other ones are not but I do spit about the others when I speak to the HRย 
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