Why testimonials?

Buyers want to work with salespeople they can trust.
Research shows buyers think sales reps prioritize an agenda over solving the customer’s problem.
Did you know…
  • “Referral leads are 400% more likely to close versus an inbound or outbound lead.”
    More likely to close
  • “84% of B2B buyers are starting the purchasing process with a referral.”
    of buyers start with a referral
  • “71% of B2B decision drivers are based on customer experience.”
    of decisions based on customer experience
“Sometimes buyers won’t even click on links in the body of my emails - they just click on my Bravado email signature testimonials”
Tina Bean
Bravado Platinum Member
“Bravado helps not just to build but solidify a personal brand.”
Kevin Walkup
Bravado Platinum Member
“Bravado testimonials are my personal sales portfolio.”
Finn Alvaro
Bravado Platinum Member
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