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Find Your First Tech Sales Job With Tech Sales U

Learn everything you need to break into tech with our free remote tech sales course

Finding a Mentor

Learn how to vertically network in sales, hone your skills and get promoted.

Building Your Professional Network

Learn how to leverage your peers and build genuine connections to take your sales career to the next level.

Job Search

Learn how to carve out opportunities, leverage your network, and map out your next career move in sales.

Nailing the Interview

A step-by-step guide to mastering your next sales interview and confidently landing the job you want.

Starting a New Job

Congrats on landing a new job! Read on for some of the best on-the-job advice to fight the jitters and set yourself up for success from day 1.

Sales Career Paths

Which sales career path is right for you? Learn about the different sales roles and how they fit together in several common career paths.

Sales Onboarding Advice for SDRs/BDRs

Learn how to onboard in a sales role efficiently and effectively, manage your daily workflow, and hit quota quickly.

Dos and Don'ts When You Get Laid Off

Learn how to leverage your network, get recommendations and find a new sales job when you've been laid off.

Negotiating Equity

Learn how to negotiate for equity in a sales role, game out your potential stock payout, and more

Transitioning from a Large Company to a Startup

Big move? Learn how to successfully make your transition from a large sales org to a startup.

Career Paths for Entry-Level Salespeople

A deepdive of career path possibilities geared towards entry level sales roles for those looking to get into sales for the first time.

Acing the SDR Interview

The interview, but make it SDR. We teamed up with Drew Coryer, Sales Development Manager at Webflow, to walk you through the ins and outs of landing your dream SDR role.

So You Missed Quota: A 7 Step Guide To Making OTE Next Quarter

Learn how to turn next quarter around and make quota. Build your pipeline, close more deals, and keep your job.

Negotiating Your Base And Comp Package

Learn how to ask for more, leverage multiple offers, and juggle base and OTE to land the comp package of your dreams.

Breaking into Tech Sales

A comprehensive guide to landing a role in tech sales, made especially for sales pros with experience in other industries.


Nailing Your First Account Executive Job

Learn how to lead your SDRs, build revenue and crush quota in your first account executive job.

Cold Calling

Learn how to handle objections, warm up prospects, and choose your cold call targets wisely

Outbound Prospecting

Tips and tricks for outbound prospecting that will fill your funnel. The do’s and don’ts (with examples), learn how to customize your messaging, and develop persona’s.

Discovery & Needs Analysis

Learn how to identify the right opportunity, structure your initial sales pitch, and modify your message to connect with any audience.

Mastering the Demo

Welcome to Mastering the Demo. Sharing the secrets to delivering an amazing demo that will help you dramatically increase your Demo to Closed Won ratio.

Negotiation & Closing

Explore proven techniques for smooth closing that makes everyone feel like a winner.

Inbound Prospecting

Learn how to qualify leads, approach discovery, and set more meetings with your account executive with the best tips on inbound prospecting.

Best of War Room AMAs

Discover top executives' preferred methods of being sold to, as told by the executives themselves in our compilation of the War Room AMA series.

DIY Tech Deck

Discover how to build your own low-cost deck of highly effective sales tools to generate leads, contracts, and revenue.

Objection Handling

Learn how to get to the heart of an objection and discover techniques on how to tackle anything that comes your way.

Sales Dictionary

Your pocket guide to navigating common business and sales acronyms and terminology.