Bravado Academy

Job Search
Learn how to carve out opportunities, leverage your network, and map out your next career move in sales.
Nailing the Interview
A step-by-step guide to mastering your next sales interview and confidently landing the job you want.
Starting a New Job
Congrats on landing a new job! Read on for some of the best on-the-job advice to fight the jitters and set yourself up for success from day 1.
Sales Career Paths
Which sales career path is right for you? Learn about the different sales roles and how they fit together in several common career paths.
Dealing with a Sales Manager
Essential tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your manager while accelerating towards your professional goals.
Outbound Prospecting
Tips and tricks for outbound prospecting that will fill your funnel. The do’s and don’ts (with examples), learn how to customize your messaging, and develop persona’s.
Discovery & Needs Analysis
Learn how to identify the right opportunity, structure your initial sales pitch, and modify your message to connect with any audience.
Mastering the Demo
Welcome to Mastering the Demo. Sharing the secrets to delivering an amazing demo that will help you dramatically increase your Demo to Closed Won ratio.
Explore proven techniques for smooth closing that makes everyone feel like a winner.