The Complete Aisera Account Executive Review Guide

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By Bravado Staff

Learn about the Aisera Account Executive salary, culture, and role.

Role Basics

What does an Account Executive do at Aisera?

Aisera account executives are full cycle account executives responsible for selling Aisera’s leading AI Service Management Platform (AISM).

Aisera’s cloud native AI Service Management platform acts as a virtual assistant to automate 65-70% of help tickets. The platform is not just a standard chatbot, but rather, it features an AI engine and natural language processing that enables that platform to solve a wide variety of tasks from employee onboarding to end user IT support.

Aisera account executives will be responsible for selling a few different key products: AI Service Desk, AI Customer Service, and AIOps.

What type of work experience do you need for this role?

Aisera Commercial account executives should ideally have 2 to 3 years account executive experience.

To qualify for the enterprise account executive role, applicants should apply with at least 5 years account executive experience. Ideally, the applicant will have some previous enterprise sales experience.

How is the sales org structured?

Aisera has two main sales orgs: Commercial and Enterprise account executives.

The commercial sales org sells into accounts $1 billion in revenue and below. The enterprise sales org sells into accounts with more than $1 billion in revenue

There also is an SDR org. Each SDR will support 2 to 3 account executives.

There is no account manager org.

Are all Aisera salespeople remote?

Yes. All Aisera salespeople, whether an SDR, Commercial Account Executive, or Enterprise Account Executive can work remotely if they prefer.

Aisera has an office in Palo Alto, however, it is not mandatory to work in the office.

Culture and Daily Life

What's the Aisera sales culture like?

Aisera, who last raised its Series C in 2021, has a very fast-paced sales culture similar to many other quickly growing startups.

Account Executives here should expect involvement from upper management (including executives) in key deals as it’s imperative to the company’s IPO aspirations to ensure as many name brand new logos are closed as possible.

Sales reps looking to coast might have a hard time as most reps are expected to handle a high workload. Account executives should expect to put in a solid 40 hours of work in this role.

What is the Aisera Account Executive turnover like?

Aisera sales reps churn at a moderate rate. The company does not have a churn and burn type culture, but the sales org does see some turnover.

Reps typically leave Aisera because of the expectation for account executives to prospect heavily and not just rely on inbound lead flow and the SDR team. Account executives are expected to continuously get a few net new meetings and opportunities per week.

Salary, Commission, and Quota

How much does an Aisera Account Executive make?

Commercial Account Executives should expect a base salary starting at $80,000 with an OTE of $160,000. Commercial reps are also granted anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 shares.

Enterprise Account Executives should expect a base salary starting at $140,000 with an OTE of $280,000. Enterprise sellers receive a stock grant typically between 15,000 to 25,000 shares.

For both enterprise and commercial account executives, the shares vest at a rate of 25% per year. So, if a new hire is granted 10,000 shares upon accepting the offer, expect 2,500 shares per year.

For more Aisera compensation data, visit our Aisera company page.

How are the quotas structured?

Account Executives are given an annual target, but are still held to a quarterly quota. Commercial account executives should expect an $800,000 quota (ARR).

Aisera reps will be assigned both net new and existing accounts, making it a little easier to hit their quota since they’ll have the opportunity for net new sales, up-sells, and cross-sells.

How are the territories structured?

Territories are generally segmented by state. For example, a commercial account executive will be assigned Florida and be expected to prospect into all accounts under $1 billion in revenue in Florida.

Aisera Competitors

How strong is Aisera’s product market fit?

Aisera offers the best in class product for the AI Service Management industry. Because it is the leader within its space, Aisera typically will charge more than its competitors.

Who does Aisera compete with?

Amelia,, Moveworks on the internal AISM side

ServiceNow also has some overlap with Aisera. However, ServiceNow was not designed to be an AISM player, and as a result, usually needs significant custom integrations for it to accomplish the same things that Aisera typically can right out of the box.

Tips to Succeed

What is the best Aisera sales org to sell in?

Commercial account executives generally hit quota more often than their enterprise brethren. Commercial reps likely do better because the Aisera ICP more closely aligns with the commercial segment.

How big of a role does territory play in your success?

Because Aisera’s ideal customer profile (ICP) is quickly growing software and technology companies, territory generally does play a significant role in a rep’s success. If your assigned state is California or New York where there are a large amount of quickly growing software and technology companies, you’ll have a larger crop of high value targets to go after.

Is now still a good time to join Aisera as an Account Executive?

Yes. The company is clearly trending upwards. It has established product market fit, a CEO with a strong track record, and several recognizable enterprises and startups as customers. The company also pays above market rate for both commercial and enterprise reps based on our account executive data set.

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