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Revenue Recap 2024

Revenue Recap 2024

Surprise! The Bull Market is back!

Surprise! The Bull Market is back!

The most comprehensive Revenue Report for tech


Sales professionals


Founders, CROs, VPs


Tech companies

…and 100,000 more

The majority of the tech industry still thinks we’re in a recession.
They are wrong. 

Nasdaq Index


Nasdaq Index


Consider this report your last chance to get ahead of your competitors. The first half of 2024 is going to shock the vast majority of tech employees. Spurred by innovation and funding in GenAI, the tech industry is roaring back to all-out growth mode. 

Sales hiring is skyrocketing.
Salaries are growing.
Quota attainment is soaring.

Revenue Recap offers the most in-depth analysis on all things revenue. Inside, get access to:

What % of sales teams hit quota in 2023?

How quota attainment shifted radically in Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

Why this led to thousands of companies rapidly expanding their sales teams?

Which industries are growing the fastest today?

What sales strategies are working in 2024?

Level up your sales team

See why 1,000+ top sales teams use Bravado Talent to hire across their sales function:

  • Executive Search (CRO, VP of Sales)

  • Individual Contributor (AEs, SDRs, CSM/AMs)

  • Support (RevOps, Sales Enablement)