Jenny Lefcourt

General Partner at Freestyle
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Jenny says she's going to be there for her founders - that is REAL TALK. We sync every week and she pushes our thinking every time. Looking at new designs for our website, she's able to think like our customers in an uncanny way to make stepwise improvements on what we put into the world.

Madeline Dangerfield-Cha
Co-founder & Head of Prod... at Mon Ami
Jenny's number one goal is to help others evolve into the leaders she know they can be. Through observation and direct communication, she says the thing you need to hear to get to the next level in your career. All you have to do is be ready to hear it!

Ashley Sumner
Co-Founder at We Quilt
Jenny is like rocket fuel in human form. She's a gritty, intelligent, and caring force of nature. She helped us deeply understand the nuances of our business model and gathered scores of benchmarks and ideas from her network to inform our decision making. She's endlessly committed and fun to work with!

Alexi Robichaux
Co-Founder & CEO at BetterUp
Jenny works tirelessly for her companies and founders. She is your advocate, thought partner, cheerleader and, when necessary, the messenger of the tough love founders sometimes need. If you're lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with Jenny, do yourself (and your business) the biggest favor ever and do it.

Caren Maio
CEO and Co-Founder at Nestio
Jenny played a critical role in enabling Narvar to establish a new category. She was actively involved in multiple areas of the business including go-to market, fundraising and hiring. It was always fun to get Jenny engaged regardless of whether we were fighting fires or celebrating business wins. I would raise money from Jenny in a heartbeat!

Amit Sharma
Founder & CEO at Narvar
Jenny is the rarest of investors: she balances being your biggest champion with pushing you exactly when you need it most. She is crazy smart and intuitive, but gives founders the room to build their companies in an authentic way. Jenny is the best investor I’ve ever met, and I’m so proud to build our company together.

Sahil Mansuri
Cofounder and CEO at Bravado
Jenny is thorough & disciplined in her deal diligence – do whatever it takes for the opp to work with her! As an investor, Jenny is supportive yet radically candid & will unearth every blindspot. As a mentor I've found her to be a master communicator who has had the single most influence on my development as a mgr, recruiter, sales rep, & CEO.

Guillaume Zwirek
Chief Executive officer at Well Health Inc.