Preeti Pinch

Preeti Pinch

Sales Leader at Lumos Identity, 10 years of experience
Toronto, ON, Canada

11+ years experience has taught me to serve my clients the way I would want to be treated. Humbled to have been voted by clients & colleagues as a Top Account Executive for two consecutive years!


Snowflake Computing
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
Entrust Energy
Rogers Communications Inc.
Coyote Logistics
SAI Global
Cadence Design Systems
RR Donnelley & Sons
Kenna Security
Liquid Web
Houston Chronicle Media Group
Vena Solutions
EMA Design Automation
Volaris Group
Mill Creek Residential Trust
Western Computer
OpenSystems Media
BNP Paribas
Dell Technologies Capital
Eli Lilly


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Alan Belniak
Global Content Strategist at SAI Global
Preeti is incredibly approachable and helpful. I didn't feel like she was 'selling' to me. I really felt like we were on the same side of the table, instead of on opposite sides. Truly one of the best account executives/AEs/SEs/solution consultants I've ever dealt with.
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Scott Hicks
Senior Manager, MarTech Lead and Business Applications at TD
I worked closely with Preeti while we were assessing Uberflip to power our Rogers for Business content. Throughout the entire process, she worked diligently to find solutions and answers to meet our needs. She is always responsive and takes ownership. I always feel that she is a champion for our business and looking for new ways to provide addition value. Not only that, she is just a great person and someone I enjoy working with.
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Gosia Nowakowska
Product Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing at RR Donnelley
Preeti is a partner you want to have on your side while making your business grow, increasing efficiency, and going through critical projects. Flexible, passionate, responsive, and knows her work! I am looking forward to continuing working with Preeti in the future.
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Tyler Wishnoff
Product Marketing Manager at NetScout Systems
Preeti has been a fantastic advocate for her company and has been extremely helpful and patient with me throughout each stage of my decision making process. Friendly and thoughtful, I wish more folks were like Preeti when it came to sales.
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Michael Epperly
CFO at EG Workforce Solutions
Preeti was our Vena sales account manager while I was a CFO at one of the larger Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate franchises. She has a tremendous personality, is intelligent, and remained committed to our success long after the initial sale.
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Carrie Mulcahy
Director of Digital Marketing at CynergisTek
Preeti's knowledge and professionalism helped made choosing Uberflip an easy decision. She listened to my needs and presented a use case to solve my problem with an exceptional level of detail. And even though I haven't met her in person, I feel like we have become friends, and I believe that says something about a person.
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Stefan Riches
Director, Content Marketing at Stantec
Preeti reached out to me over LinkedIn, and from the start, I could tell that she was more interested in understanding Stantec’s business needs and content strategy than in selling Uberflip. She was looking for the right fit, not just to make a sale. Preeti was patient, highly responsive, and flexible as we went through a process to understand if Uberflip was the right platform for us and how it could fit into our overall strategy. She was our single point of contact, but she always brought in the right person from her team to help. I strongly recommend working with Preeti!
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Adam Schoenfeld
Co-Founder & CEO at Siftrock, Inc.
Preeti impressed me at each step of our engagement. She reached out personally and authentically, she took a consultative approach to my business, and she was always responsive.
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Daniel G. Day
Director, Account Based Marketing at Snowflake
Working with Preeti has been a complete pleasure, her thorough understanding of Uberflip inside and out has enabled us to get us up and running fast! We've been able to completely transform our ABM and sales enablement with the vision Preeti worked together with us to understand.
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Chris Banton
Marketing Manager at EMA Design Automation
Preeti did a great job of making sure Uberflip would meet our needs. She was willing to walk away from the opp when it looked like Uberflip wouldn't fit in our process (fortunately we found a way around this with Preetis help!). Based on my initial interactions with Uberflip through Preeti I fully expect a great experience with your company.
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Julie Muckleroy
Global Head of Brand & Engagement at SAI Global
Preeti is a fantastic Account Executive. I had the pleasure of interfacing with her as a prospect while at SAI Global where she introduced us to Uberflip. She brings passion and energy to every conversation and clearly demonstrated her commitment to helping us find the best solution to meet our needs. She's an absolute pleasure to work with!
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Tina Bean
Founder, VP Strategic Partnerships at KickFire
Preeti's able to think strategically about the "big picture" and has the poise to act on it. I'm so grateful for her thoughtful, consultative approach to bringing our two companies together to understand if our technologies could be a good paring. I see a lot of great things for Preeti's future career. She's one to watch, for sure!
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Terry Trout
VP Marketing at Liquid Web
Excellent grasp of our needs and beautiful demo deliver. She persistently, yet graciously, stayed with Liquid Web as we navigated budget decisions. I have appreciated her willingness to help train our sales teams with Uberflip and our product/trainers with her demo best practices. A true partner ...
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Javier Cano
Director, Demand Generation at Liquid Web
Preeti impressed me with her persistence and professionalism. When I introduced her to the rest of my team, she "wowed" them as well.
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Ben Matson
Strategy Director, Demand Generation at Contravent
Preeti was outstanding to work with during our discovery process with Uberflip. We had very complex needs and questions, and she was able to tackle them with a smile. Overall she performs at a consistently high level.
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Jamie Swartz
Director of Marketing at Entrust Energy
I had the pleasure of working with Preeti while I was with the Houston Chronicle. We implemented Uberflip as part of a Sales Marketing effort and I couldn't be more appreciative of Preeti. Her time and attention to my questions and needs was always friendly, flexible and concise. I look forward to working with Preeti and the entire Uberflip team again very soon.
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Will Davis
Chief Marketing Technology Officer at Right Source Marketing
She listens to our needs, for ourselves and our clients, and presents creative solutions that match the business objectives we are trying to achieve. She is committed to seeing success for our clients and for our agency, and thoughtful in words & actions.
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Rachel Sadacca
Demand Generation at Fluxx Labs
Preeti impressed me because she had a consultative approach rather than a sales-first one. I could tell she was genuinely interested in how to help my company achieve its goals and how a product could assist with that, rather than making her numbers.
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Will Price
Director of Earned Media at SOCi, Inc.
She was willing to give demo after demo to the higher ups at my place of work. Although we didnt end up using Uberflip, Preeti still impressed the hell out of me with her persistence and dedication to making us feel comfortable.
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Walter Winn
Chief Data Evangelist at Feathr
Simply put, Preeti is wonderful. She’s intelligent, charismatic, respectful, and driven. Every interaction we’ve shared has been positive thanks to her pleasant personality and friendly persistence. She is the definition of a go-getter.
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Michael Corcoran
Marketing Manager at Vena Solutions
Preeti's been a role model in showing how confidence, EQ and a warm personality make for a successful sales or account exec no matter what business you're in.
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Bryce Roberts
Demand Gen Manager at Oracle
She first sought to understand my pain points in my role and then prescribed solutions, rather than pushing her agenda. She also impressed me with her ability to act quickly to provide demos, suggestions, and consultation to my colleagues.
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Hee Suk Ko
Digital Director at Weber Shandwick
Preeti is able to quickly get the right answers for our team. Even if she can't get us the answer, she ensures our team is connected with the best resource.
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Justin Thompson
Senior Manager, Content Experience at Coyote Logistics
She was able to help navigate our conversations around contract signing and so flexible in our needs for the contract.
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Antoine Mitchell
Marketing Director at Kenna Security
She helped us get a contract that fit our needs. Took some work on her part and I really appreciate her for that. Made a huge difference .
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Thomas Gallagher
Senior Director of Demand Generation at TrackVia
Preeti was attentive, friendly and answered all our questions.
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Sarah Korach
Senior Manager, Marketing at Expedia Group
Preeti was very helpful in diving into the tool and answering all of my questions.
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Jennifer Watton
Director of Marketing at Finastra
Although we are just starting out our relationship wtih Preeti and Uberflip I will say that I have enjoyed her level of professionalism and responsiveness throughout the initial phases of our project.
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Nikki Jefferson
Director of Marketing at Volaris Group, MCE
She helped us get the deal done quickly and efficeintly
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Todd Wintheiser
CFO at Digital Measures
Preeti worked hard to help us achieve our goals within our budget constraints and was patient when we investigated various options.
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John A Fratamico, Jr.
Manager at MrktServ Holdings
I have known Preeti for several years and I have always enjoyed our interactions. She is friendly and informative and I believe that the companies and people who include her in their circles are enriched by knowing her as has been the case for me.
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Dan Morton
Expert SEO Consultant at Fairlane Web Consulting
I am just amazed at Preeti's intensity and her depth of knowledge of business internet technologies - and the fact that that she knew exactly what was needed for the results I was looking to get. Preeti walked me through the entire process, step by step, explaining what I needed and why it was necessary. And she is so patient! My only regret was that I could choose but 3 attributes to describe her - every one of them is true!
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Brandon Samuels
Senior Financial Analyst at Kraft Foods
When she was able to handle all the different types of personalities we had at our firm. Those personalities not only expanded scope but took our project on many different directions. She was accomodating, empathetic and a great partner to work with!
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Erik Homelvig
Corporate Controller at Lifeline Scientific
Preeti was always very nice to work with and talk to as a client of hers. Her attitude was always very positive and upbeat. She was always willing to help the relationship with her company as positive as possible. Pleasure to work with
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Liana Crocco
Marketing Specialist at Manpower Canada
Pretti is thorough and direct in her communication style, but she is also always friendly and approachable. She's skilled at striking a balance between positive relationship building and delivering the most helpful, relevant information to get the job done
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Todd Nisbet
Account Manager at Bunzl Canada
Professional, courteous, and insightful...words to describe Preeti Kim after she provided a detailed video of improvements I could make to my LinkedIn Profile. She clearly put me first, and was extremely helpful in this process.
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Brendan Lynch
President at Essex Asset Advisors
To say that working with Preeti was an awesome experience would be an understatement. Upon starting our firm in 2010 we were faced with many challenges, one of which was creating a user friendly website. Preeti was amazing! She expertly navigated us through the process, gave us tremendous and invaluable advice, and quite honestly made the experience enjoyable. I highly recommend her services. Thanks again!
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Yoav Guttman
Demand Generation at PhotoShelter
Preeti kept getting back to me even after I missed a few meetings we had set.
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Melanie Rebane
Photography at Melanie Rebane Photography
Thank you Preeti! I appreciate all the time and expertise you have demonstrated in bringing Melanie Rebane Wedding Photography in a better place in a competitive industry!
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Nancy Rosenblum
Owner + CEO at Pisces Productions
Preeti was very professional in both proposals and work performed. She always responded to any questions and went over and beyond to complete projects. If I ever needed work to be done I would go to Preeti first and feel anyone that hired her would be happy they did.
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Robin Swaminathan
Chiropractic Doctor at Lux Family
Preeti provides an excellent service for increasing online recognition of your business while thoroughly educating you about the entire process. I highly recommend her work!
Maria Stechschulte
Owner at Gems of Mary
Preeti Kim does an excellent job with website marketing. Her work produces amazing results. You will see an immediate increase in quality leads to your website in only a matter of days! The results speak for themselves, but she also walks you through the numbers to see where your ideal customers are coming from. It is reassuring as business owner to have found a marketing expert I can trust with my company.
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Tammy Behnam
Managing Partner at REDD
Preeti's SEO and Google Analytics services provided MVP with a clear and concise demonstration of marketing techniques. Within one week, her skills and unique strategies collected enough data to help us develop a cost-effective marketing plan. Her personality, knowledge, service and expertise has made it possible for us to achieve the level of marketing we desire.
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Mark Kemenosh
Owner at Glen Oaks Health
Preeti did an outstanding ad campaign for me. Preeti is obviously a great marketer and has an incredible understanding of how the system works. A magical knack for keywords and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend her!
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Jay Goodbinder
Team Chiropractor at US Olympic Weightlifting
Preeti is very knowledgable and explains what she is doing for you so you are not left in the dark. For quick results from web marketing, give Preeti a chance and she will get that job done.
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Desiree Van Bogart
Owner at Desired Health
Preeti Kim does an excellent job with website marketing. Her work produces amazing results. You will see an immediate increase in quality leads to your website in only a matter of days! The results speak for themselves, but she also walks you through the numbers to see where your ideal customers are coming from. It is reassuring as business owner to have found a marketing expert I can trust with my company.
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Andrew Bell
Chiropractor at Infinity Chiropractor
Preeti did an outstanding job of optimizing our Company's results through google. I am very impressed with the video you sent showing the breakdown of how it worked over the span of time it ran, and the options you offer in continuing this venture. I really appreciate it, and am sure many more will as well.
Sandra Lohman
Chiropractor at Interurban Chiropratic
Preeti hosted a Google Adwords webinar which was very informative. She took something very foreign and made it simple. With humour and detailed knowledge of the subject, I left the webinar feeling capable of trying it myself. I would definitely recommend her services.
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Allison Phillips
Show Host at
I consulted with Preeti when I discovered that she had amazing expertise and strategies for quickly getting highly qualified leads and clients through LinkedIn. After my very first conversation with Preeti, I went out and literally got 3 brand new highly qualified leads that wanted to speak with me right away. I was blown away! If you're looking to get highly qualified leads into your biz using LinkedIn, Preeti is the person you should be working with.
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Jeff Epstein
Director, Product & Partner Marketing at Allocadia
She made an effort to not just introduce herself but also to make me feel 'special'. She's genuine so it doesn't come across as self-serving.
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Jen Nee
Brand Manager at Mill Creek Residential Trust LLC
She was able to thoroughly explain our contract to me (several times!)
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Aidas Dirse
Business Development Manager at Vena Solutions
Preeti was amazing to work with and is always focused on putting her clients first. Case in point: she went above and beyond a typical sales interaction and came on-site to our office to personally help train on best practices.
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George Garner IV
Director of Operations at Gallery
Preeti quickly identified gaps in my business that was preventing me from increasing sales. As a result of her direct coaching, I was able to improve my marketing process and see a 50% increase in profits. Preeti has earned my HIGHEST recommendation - she is very patient, extremely knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.
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Alen Mayer
Senior Consultant at N.A. Sales Training Corp.
One word can describe Preeti Kim: she is amazing! She delivered what she promised, and some more! I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve his website positioning. She is punctual, trustworthy and inventive, and most important - she delivers!
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Tim Hanauer
President at Earth Graphics
Preeti did an amazing job of getting our web listing out of the bottom tier and onto the top ten on Google search engines. We've definitely seen a spike in internet traffic!
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Dr. Nichole Quinn
Owner at Total Family Wellness
Preeti Kim is very knowledgeable on online marketing and very professional in her results.
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Kala Latimer
Owner at KJA Investment Group
If there were two words that could describe Preeti it would be "absolutely awesome." Preeti is extremely personable, friendly, and she delivers much more than expected! I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and learn from Preeti. Anyone who would not be pleased with Preeti's work ethic would be totally out of this world. She is attentive and gives the personal one-on-one service that is so often overlooked in today's society!
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Tino Umo
Search Consultant at Searchgage Media
Preeti is an excellent communicator and Knows her work really well. Highly recommend for any Marketing Consultation.
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David Hughes
District Manager at Hazmasters
Preeti has helped me in my sales career to utilize Linkedin. As a direct result I have increased my contacts from under 300 to over 700 contacts in almost 6 months. In my time working with Preeti's guidance I have developed a great respect for her insights.
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John Hunter
Owner at John Hunter Services
Preeti is that one-in-a-million sales person you dream of adding to your company. She's persistent, yet sells softly. She believes in her product, yet truly wants to solve the prospect's problem first. She follows up when she says will. She even helped me with my own Linked In profile, with great tips and presentation strategies in a little self-produced video. Instituting Preeti's ideas enhanced my company's visibility and image.
Chris Shane
CEO at Essex Asset Advisors
I found Preeti through LinkedIn. We needed to create a website but knew that as our business is "different" that it would be a real challenge to deliver the right message. I can't say enough good things about her. Her work more than met our expectations. We would definitely use her again if we needed website work.
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Travis Engelke
CFO at SAM Family of Companies
Preeti is a true marketing professional and I have had the opportunity to work with her over the past few years. She approaches every engagement with thought and professionalism and each case has always yielded positive outcomes.
Alexander Danchenko
Network Solutions Architect at Rogers Communications
In-depth understanding of products and processes as well as collborative/positive approach in dealing with day-today order/service issues.
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Bryan Volk
Principal at Volk Solutions LLC
My favorite thing about Preeti is her genuine concern for me and what my needs are.
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Heather Campbell
Managing Principal at Double Dutch Creative
Preeti is exactly the kind of person I like to work with: knowledgeable, a great problem-solver, and an advocate for our shared client. We utilize her product in a somewhat unconventional way, and she has supported us at every step to make things happen.
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Randy Fortel
CFO at Leman USA
Preeti has always been great to talk to. She is friendly and a great problem solver!
Suhale Vorajee
Chief Transformation Officer at BNP Paribas
Preeti is a consummate professional. She tries every angle to help solve a client’s challenges and it’s so refreshing to work with someone who genuinely places the client at the heart of the transaction, not the sale itself. Highly recommended!

Sales Experience

Specific products
Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Software, Budgeting and Forecasting Software, Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools Software, Content Marketing Software
Types of products sold
Size of companies sold for
Sales roles held
Enterprise Account Executive, Mid Market Account Executive, AE (Account Executive), BDR (Business Development Rep)
Stages of companies sold for
Startup, Massive
Departments sold to
Sales, IT / Security / DevOps, Product Management/Project Management, Finance, Product Management, Product Development, IT, Sales/Customer Success, Marketing