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Did you hit you dream income goal? What happened next?

For some reason I keep seeing stories about how when people finally hit the dream income goal they realized they are not a way to say you need to have modest goals or what ever.....

I wanted to hit $120,000 annual income for a long time.

2 years ago I blew it away and made $150K

now I have a base of $130K and OTE of $260K

When i hit $120K I was fucking PUMPED!

like i knew a huge goal of mine had been accomplished.

I was living the life I dreamed of and so many prior issues in life went away. (of course life still isnt perfect)

AND I WAS HAPPY! i DIDNT have this sinking feeling like I had been lied to.

I felt like I fucking crushed it!

anyone else feel this way? or did you feel lost because you realized you were not happy even with accomplishing a huge goal?

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