The War Room

i just put my 2 weeks in and i feel like i made the biggest mistake.

im a team lead managing 2 bdr teams plus making my own cold calls. making 60k a year plus uncapped commission. last year i made a little over 78k.

if i stayed at current job, i should be able to hit 100k and would have the opportunity to grow into account management/more responsibilities. plus i have 6,000/10,000 stock options vested.

i dont think its too late to retract my 2 weeks notice. but i also dont wanna be a pushover bc i do think i deserve more money for all of the responsibilities im dealing with.

i was offered a bdr position for 75k a year plus 25k commission. they never had a bdr before and need an experienced bdr. i will get stocks. and its fully remote. and have the option to grow into AE/team lead again.

so its literally me making almost the same amount of money for less responsibilities.

i think whats making me want to stay is that most of my friends are here. and it took me a while to get promoted because they only promote from within the company. plus i did not get my associates/bachelors degree. i only went to community college for my nursing assistant certificate. so i know that i make a decent amount for someone with no college degree.

i was so excited about this opportunity last week. and now, since i gave my 2 weeks notice on friday, ive literally been shitting bricks all friggen week. i feel like i fucked up. idk what to do.

any advice, is much appreciated <3


a lost sales gal

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